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Madubela retraces his Christian steps

Nthatuoa Koeshe

AFTER temporarily ditching his Christian beliefs for traditional healers due to hardships in 2017, gospel singer Jerry Madubela has returned to his faith.

His repentance was marked with the recent release of his fourth album titled Thoriso le Dipoko which he says already has orders in and outside the country.

An Apostle in the Eagle’s Tower Church, Madubela said while the album has four common Zion hymns, his fans must expect eight fresh tracks which he composed.

“On this new album, I wrote eight songs and the rest are normal traditional Zion hymns which people are familiar with,” Madubela said.

“My life took a bad turn when I started consulting traditional healers and I ended up losing large sums of money in different business ventures. I ran a studio in Johannesburg for over four years and it was broken into and I lost a lot of equipment worth about M157 000 without trace.”

He said the album already orders in Botswana, Johannesburg and also locally since its release at the end of last month.

The singer said the album was inspired by the rocking of his faith by hardships which led him onto a different faith.

“Because of the challenges that I faced, I strayed from my faith of being a Christian and consulted traditional doctors,” Madubela said.

He said he knew he had a calling as an apostle from a young age but because of the hardships he was facing, he dismissed his beliefs and all he had worked for disappeared into thin air.

“I think God wanted my attention hence the challenges but I later met a man of God Prophet Moorosi last year, who guided me back to my calling,” he said adding that the prophet told him to follow his calling to avoid losing more than what he had already lost.

Madubela said since last year, his life took a different turn and he decided to produce the album to show how God helped him through his trials.

He produced the album while he featured vocalist, Rets’elisitsoe Nkoebe and worked with worked with Pheko Da Master on the keyboard.

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