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LSRC back Lefa, blast ’Maseribane

maseribaneMoorosi Tsiane

MASERU — Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission (LSRC) condemned Sports Minister Thesele ’Maseribane’s decision to write to the world football governing body, Fifa, about allegations that there is no accountability and transparency on Lefa’s management.

Addressing a media briefing this week, LSRC public relations officer, Jobo Raswoko, said the ministry had no right to discuss with any international sports federation under any circumstances how sports are administrated, saying it was improper for ’Maseribane to write to Fifa when he  felt there is no transparency and accountability on Lefa’s administration.

He said if the ministry felt Lefa is incompetent they could have approached them as the country’s sports governing body to seek a way out instead of meddling in matters that do not concern them.

“If the ministry was not satisfied with how Lefa runs its business, they could have at least approached us as the sports mother body because they have no right to communicate directly with Fifa.”

Raswoko said Lefa is affiliated to LSRC and it is only the commission that has full rights over the association.

He said what amazes the commission about the ’Maseribane’s allegations is that the minister has never expressed dissatisfaction with the administration at Lefa.

“We were shocked to receive the copy of this lengthy letter that the ministry wrote to Fifa because never even on a single day has the ministry notified us that they are not satisfied on how Lefa operates,” Raswoko said.

Raswoko said the commission has its statutes that were set by the Lesotho cabinet and they are clear that the ministry must not be involved in the day-to-day running of sports but should discuss whatever concerns they have with the commission.

He said if the ministry is not satisfied with those statutes they are free to go back and re-work the regulations but they should not intervene with the association’s day-to-day running.

“The ministry is free to go back and re-do the laws that guide us as the commission if they somehow feel there are some loop holes,” said Raswoko.

Fifa statutes are very clear that the government must not interfere with football administration, he said.

Lefa could be suspended by Fifa over the complaints by the Minister.


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