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Local rapper gets recognition in SA

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. . . Axo Mind named Artist of the Month

Mohalenyane Phakela

LOCAL rapper Axo Mind, from the Liquid Gold Movement, has been recognised as Artist of the Month on South African Hip Hop website MixtapeBreak.
Born Neo Ncheka in Maseru 20 years ago, Axo Mind forayed into the Hip Hop industry in 2007, albeit in the underground, and only coming in to the spotlight in 2011 after his first recording.
Such hit singles as All Mine, We Made It and It Aint About Money bear his name.

Apart from being a rapper, Axo Mind is also a poet, graffiti artist and a certified accounting technician.
He draws inspiration from the likes of J. Cole, Proverb, Jay Z, L-Tore and the late Beaver among rap luminaries. In March this year, Axo Mind joined Liquid Gold Movement, which consists of Fatal Verb, Snizz and Queen Mo. Axo Mind also signed a recording deal with local entertainment outfit Black Rhythm.

Speaking to Xpress People on Friday, Axo Mind attributed the recognition he has received by MixtapeBreak to his entry in an international hip hop competition this year.
“I entered Africa Emcees Competition in March this year which was held by a Serbian radio station, Street Royalty Radio, in which I came out third,” Axo Mind said.
“All I wanted was international exposure as an artist coming from a country where most people believe we are not going to get far.
“I did not expect that all these blessings would follow.”

Axo Mind’s third place finish in the competition was accompanied by a package of beats from producers in Pozarevac including the opportunity to collaborate with artistes from Serbia and New York.
“We did a collaborative track with Mefisto from Serbia featuring 11 international artists called 13 Ghosts. We are currently on a project with a producer from Queens in New York.
Axo Mind said he was also presented a beat and its rights by United Kingdom-based producer Cripla.

“Everything seems to be happening so fast and unexpectedly as I have also been approached by a number of international artistes, including a lyricist from Cape Town, Sir Inferno,” he said.
Despite being a relative novice in the industry, Axo Mind has proved the adage that hard work and uniqueness in one’s craft pays. He aspires to work with such big acts as Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Rakim, HHP and Kabomo among others.

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