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Local poet publishes book

’Matšei Moloi
MASERU — One of Lesotho’s leading female poets, 19-year-old Sheila Khala, has published her first poetry book titled FORMULAR — Leading Life to Perfection.
The anthology of 27 poems, printed by Mazenod Publishers,  was launched at the ’Manthabiseng National Convention Centre on Friday and is a tribute to her late father — Soabi Khala — who passed away on February 15 this year.
Khala said FORMULAR is a “motivational book” about her experiences and is meant to “heal people’s pains”.
“I started writing these poems in May, soon after the passing away of my father,” Khala said.
“After his death, I realised life is too short, so I told myself whatever I want to do, I should do it now and not tomorrow.”
She said her poetry encourages people not to dwell too long on their losses.
The poems, she adds, help people get over their pain.
“They are a written therapy,” she said philosophically.
“The poems heal and brighten people’s lives. They encouarge people to stop looking back and rather, focus on the future. They advise people that you should tell yourself that whatever I want, I will achieve.”
Khala said while she “liked” all the poems in her new book, she nonetheless, has one favourite — Believe and Receive? which talks about her personal experiences.
 “It carries a message that when one believes in God, everything just comes out naturally; everything is possible.”
“It is something I have experienced. I realised that God can do whatever one asks Him to do. When one believes, one receives. When I started believing in God, everything just came my way,” she said.
Khala added she has always loved poetry in its many forms.
“I have done a lot of performances because I’m also an oral poet. I started doing stage work in 2007, soon after winning a competition held by Poetry Farm in conjunction with the Miss PCFM 2007 beauty pageant.”
Khala, who says she is also a scriptwriter, has since become a recognised voice in the local poetry community and would like to further her arts career next year.
She is encouraging aspiring writers not to let fear get in their way and “just to do it”.
“I just cannot let myself be paralysed by fear because I know everyone was created for a specific reason and purpose. People should not be afraid of pursuing their dreams because they have a purpose in life.”
FORMULAR — Leading Life to Perfection will cost a modest M115 and will be available at selected outlets.

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