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Local group on Covid-19 awareness film


Nthatuoa Koeshe

TŠEPE Sethuamajoe, a local entertainment group, will soon release a short film dubbed Mokhosi produced to provide Covid-19 awareness.

The film, which features new faces, was shot in Maseru and is expected to be released towards the end of the month.

Speaking to the Xpress People, co-producer Karabelo Ntooane said the film was written by Sneiman and Letšohla Moteki with the aim to spread Covid-19 awareness.

“The film is meant to warn people of the dangers of Covid-19,” Karabelo said.

“We want people to be careful and know that Covid-19 exists and it kills.”

She said the film encourages the public to maintain cleanliness and follow Covid-19 safety protocols.

The film also encourages the public to religiously follow Covid-19 safety protocols to curb the increase in infections which can be avoided.

The story revolves around a female Mosotho domestic worker plying her trade in Gauteng. She loses her job because of the Covid-19 pandemic and is forced to return home.

However, she finds herself in trouble with the South African immigration authorities having overstayed in the neighbouring country. She decides to cross using an illegal border and must pay smugglers who help her in crossing. Her nightmare starts when she realises she does not have the money that the smugglers are demanding.

Karabelo said they decided to use new faces on the local television scene who were trained specifically for the production.

“Tšepe Sethuamajoe believes in unearthing hidden talent. We decided to work with them and grow together because that’s what we do here; we find people and unleash the best out of them,” Karabelo said.



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