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Local filmmakers up Eastern Cape festival

Nthatuoa Koeshe

A SOUTH African filmmaker, Aubrey Silinyana, has invited local filmmakers to participate in the Sondela Youth Film Festival scheduled to run from 27 November to 1 December 2018 in Aliwal North in the Eastern Cape province.

Silinyana said Lesotho filmmakers lack international exposure which is critical for their growth and the Sondela Youth Film Festival is ideal for such exposure.

The Sondela Youth Film Festival started in 2016 to give filmmakers a platform to showcase their work and learn from others. It is scheduled to takes place in Aliwal North on 27 November to 1 December.

Silinyana, who is also the festival coordinator told the Sunday Express that he was aware that there is a shortage of films in Sesotho and he realised that Lesotho is a fertile place which capable of filling up that gap.

Silinyana recently spent three days in the country where he attended the Lesotho Film Festival, an annual event that appreciates local film production and quality films produced by local practitioners.

Although he could not be drawn into revealing the number of filmmakers who are set to travel to Eastern Cape, Silinyana said they are still working on the modalities before they can reveal the number.

“I was impressed by the content and films produced in Lesotho and this triggered this Sondela Youth Film Festival trip where Lesotho filmmakers will get to interact and learn from other South African film makers,” Silinyana said.

Silinyana said Lesotho had great potential to make films which other countries cannot make as it had beautiful landscapes and climatic conditions which include snow.

“I participated at the Lesotho Film Festival hosted by Sesotho Media and Development Association and I made the closing remarks where I expressed the need for collaborations between our arts and culture departments in both countries and to facilitate the participation of Basotho filmmakers in our festival at the end of November,” he said.

He said the participation of Basotho filmmakers in the Sondela Youth Film Festival will create a platform for them to showcase their work internationally.

“I want to give a platform to emerging filmmakers and the festival will provide them with a chance to network with other film makers,” he said.

He said former Generations and Rhythm City actor, Dumisani Mbebe and cinematography and DSLR expect, Katlego Shibambo, will be the star attractions and the Sondela Youth Film Festival.

“By bringing these highly accomplished film industry heavyweights, the Eastern Cape Department of Sports Recreation Arts and Culture is steadfast in pursuing its mandate of developing the skills of emerging filmmakers and building the local film industry,” Silinyana said.

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