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Local film reshot, set for release

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’Matšei Moloi

MASERU — Supreme Performing Arts Theatre (SPAT) is set to release a re-shoot of its movie — Cast Away — in February.
The film was first released in 2007 but failed to qualify for the prestigious Africa in Motion (AiM) awards.
SPAT chief executive officer, Mohono Mohono (pictured below), said the film could not make the cut because of technical problems in its shooting.
“We were advised to re-shoot the film and compete in the international film festival again,” Mohono explained.
Mohono said the film — to be shot throughout this month and December — is mainly aimed at promoting arts and entertainment in Lesotho.
“Cast Away is mainly to promote arts and entertainment in the country and its actors are all citizens of Lesotho,” Mohono told Xpress People.
The storyline, according to Mohono, is about a young, talented but poor musicians desperate to get into the recording studio.
He said in order to raise the required funds, the budding musician had to steal diamonds from local dealers. The muso, however, later returned them to the dealers because his conscience would not allow him to sell those diamonds.
“The guy eventually died, even before recording in the studio. The film carries the theme that many talented people die before they can expose their talent,”  Mohono said.
He said the film — to be entered for the same AiM award next year — also seeks to promote and support local artistic talent.
“We are really willing to work for Lesotho youths in the arts and media industries, because we have a feeling the current system does not hold much hope for the future,” he said.

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