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Local documentary screened in Berlin

Lerato Matheka

 MASERU — A newly produced documentary by local filmmaker Jeremiah Mosese is making waves on the international stage.

Good Night My White Pride was produced by Mosese in collaboration with his German partner Hanna Stockmann.

The documentary was screened at the Das Film Café in Berlin, Germany last Friday to celebrate the Black History Month.

The Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by black Americans and the role they played in United States history.

Good Night My White Pride is a story that seeks to break the barriers of racism and promote a message of equality between blacks and whites.

“We want every white person to say ‘good night’ to any feeling of pride,” Mosese said.

The film was first screened at Alliance Francaise in Maseru in July last year.

It marks a fresh departure from the usual documentaries produced in Lesotho which tend to focus on HIV and Aids themes.

“The film had to branch out internationally,” Mosese told Xpress People.

“It passes a message that speaks to everyone globally.

“We are extending its horizons and it will be running for the Black History Month short films,” he said.

The celebrations which are commemorated in February every year began in 1976.

Mosese told Xpress People that the documentary has Portuguese, Sesotho and Germany subtitles to allow the film to reach a wider international market.

He said the documentary seeks to highlight the question of racism which cuts across African and European societies.

He said it also seeks to interrogate African attitudes towards whites which has seen blacks worship everything white while looking down on what is their own.

It also looks at racism from a white-man’s perspective and the common practice by whites to see themselves as superior to other racial groups.

Mosese told Xpress People that he has worked with other filmmakers in Germany in various other projects.

“Since my arrival in Germany my work has improved and is getting more superior. I have collaborated with other artists in Berlin in their work.

“I feel like I’m one of the greatest film-makers to have ever come out of Lesotho without any help from South African film-makers.”

“My work speaks for itself, let alone being a self-taught film maker,” he said.

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