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Local designers showcase fashion range

Mimi Machakaire

TWENTY designers recently showcased a wide range of fashions to industry insiders at the recent fashion week that was held for both up and coming as well as established designers in Maseru.

The show’s organiser, Keketso Nthongoa, recently told Xpress People that the aim was to cater for different tastes of young adults from street wear to swim wear.

She lauded media houses such as Royal Ink Designs, Black Hair Organics, Bam Promotions and Finite Magazine for sponsoring the event.

For his part, the Media Manager of Maseru Fashion Week, Nathan Makhalanyane, hailed the three day event which started on Thursday and ended yesterday as a success “which gave the younger generation fresh ideas to come up with styles that can be worn at the work place or for casual outings”.

He also noted that there were still challenges in generating meaningful revenue from fashion shows as the industry was still growing in the country.

“The subject of payment is a big issue in Lesotho because the fashion industry is not yet established. It gets to a point where the organisers go home without anything after the show. However for this event the models were compensated with food and transport,” Mr Makhalanyane said.

The audience were entertained by local artistes such as Sirnic, Dj Sy and Zaru.

South African actor, Tefo Magengenene, was the host of the event.

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