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Local comedy scene is advanced: Skaftin

Nthatuoa Koeshe

COMEDIAN, Skaftin (born Jeremiah Lebea), says his recent trip to Botswana has proved to him that Lesotho is a force reckon with on the African stand-up comedy scene.

He said this in a recent interview with the Xpress People after his weeklong trip to Botswana where he took part in Botswana’s seventh annual comedy festival organised by events company Major Moves.

“After this trip, I can say Lesotho is far more developed in as far as stand-up comedy is concerned and the way Basotho view, approach and understand comedy is much better,” Skaftin said.

He however, said his experience during the festival was amazing as he got a chance to share a stage with comedians such as Long John from Zimbabwe, Bush from Uganda, Slick the Dick from Namibia, AK Dans from South Sudan and Brooks from Botswana among others.

“All these are big comedians in their respective countries and I was honoured to represent Lesotho at this festival,” he said.

Skaftin said this was his first time to perform outside Lesotho and although he was a bit intimidated, everything went well.

“My major setback at the gig was that I could not travel with my team and having worked with them since the genesis of Gags and Music, that became a challenge and I felt lonely,” he said.

He said his participation at the festival was necessitated by fellow local comedian Masapo, who suggested Skaftin when Botswana promoters asked for a comedian from Lesotho.

“Masapo has worked with Botswana promoters for a long time and because he is also part of gags comedy, he recommended me to be part of this year’s festival,” he said

Skaftin said they are planning to host a Lesotho comedy festival in September where they intend to host comedians from several countries.

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