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Local athletes set to leave for Mauritius

Pascalinah Kabi

MASERU — Two local athletes are set to leave for Mauritius soon to prepare for the World Championships qualifying games in August.

Selloane Tšoaeli and Mosito Lehata will be at the High Performance Training Centre in Mauritius for the next three months.

The two’s training, travel expenses and competition fees will be fully covered by the International Associations of Athletics Federation (IAAF).

The sponsorship package was secured with the help of the Lesotho Athletics Amateur Association (LAAA).

LAAA spokesperson Sejanamane Maphathe confirmed the development.

“IAAF will sponsor Selloane Tšoaeli and Mosito Lehata’s trip and training at the High Performance Centre in Mauritius for three months,” Maphathe said.

“This will be part of their preparations for the world championships in South Korea from August 27 to September 4 this year.”

Maphathe added that the duo will be leaving Lesotho at the end of this month and will start their training on June 1.

Maphathe said it was not difficult to convince the IAAF to sponsor the two athletes given their impressive record in past competitions.

“After we sat down and discovered that it was difficult to find and fund international competitions for them, we then approached the IAAF for help.

“They traced their records and agreed to give them an opportunity. From the look of things it will not be difficult for the two athletes to qualify for the world championships given their record in the past,” Maphathe said.

Tšoaeli has participated in the long and high jump sections as well as combined events while Lehata is a 100 and 200 metre-sprinter.

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