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Local artiste to tour Mozambique

Lerato Matheka

MASERU — Local artiste, Obatia “Kommanda Obbs” Chapi, is set to tour Mozambique next month to promote his new album Tšepe.

Kommanda Obbs is scheduled to perform in Maputo from December 27 to January 5 alongside his crew Lithuoa Majoe.

“The album is out so we feel it’s only proper to promote it in the Sadc region. This is the reason why we will embark on the Summer Tšepe promotional tour to Mozambique,” he said. The album was released on September 1 but will be officially launched on December 23 at Litaleng. Kommanda Obbs said he worked with artistes from Zimbabwe and South Africa on the new offering.

He said the album, which took four years to create, was produced by an all-Basotho team.

He said they were planning to take along 50 local fans to Mozambique who will have a chance to feature on the music videos they will shoot in that country.

“We are going to promote and shoot two music videos for the album and the 50 people will have the privilege of hanging out with us and attending all our performances,” he said. The accompanying fans will pay M1 600 for transport and accommodation for the trip.

“It took me four years to produce the album and I worked with M(uzi)k from Molakosh production crew, Phil the Kritik, Don Luno and Wabby G,” Kommanda Obbs said.

He said the album was already receiving massive airplay on a number of community radio stations in South Africa since its release.

“All Sesotho and Setswana radio stations are blazing the project and HHP has been giving us much love so much that it has reached as far as Mafikeng. “It is also receiving airplay in Mozambique and this is a big plus for the Tsepe brand,” Kommanda Obbs said.

The Tšepe music video is also being aired on Lesotho Television and Soweto TV. It can also be accessed on Youtube.

“We are now making efforts to have it played on Vuzu, Channel O and the SABC Channels,” the artiste said.

He said his music fuses elements of famo, jazz, hip hop, sehou and raggae to come up with a fresh and unique tune.

“The term tšepe means hard-hitting lyrics and it refers to people who work hard to achieve their goals and dreams. It is a term with a hip hop influence,” he added.

“My music style is influenced by individuals who embrace their cultures and the lyrics are about personal experiences and issues that people don’t want to talk about or even write about.”

Kommanda Obbs said he was doing what no other hip hop artiste had ever thought of in expanding the brand to other African countries.

“We decided to start at the Sadc level with this production. The next production will spread to the rest of Africa, then internationally. The sky is the limit,” he said. “If the world can jam to hits from artistes from other African countries such as Oliver Mtukudzi then I don’t see why the world can’t jam to my music.”The artiste rose to fame in 2007 when he released Complex Mindset Vol 1 which featured hits like Ke lorile, Ha ke fele moea and I still love you. The hits set the airwaves ablaze until last year. Kommanda Obbs said his stage name was influenced by his respect for the armed forces. “I thought I was going to be a soldier when I was growing up.”

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