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LNOC to review Lesotho’s Olympic performance

MASERU— The Lesotho National Olympic Committee (LNOC) will this morning hold a meeting at ‘Manthabiseng Convention Centre to review Lesotho’s performance at the London Olympics. LNOC treasurer, Morake Releaka, told the Sunday Express the committee will present its Olympic Games report to member associations at the meeting.

He said they will discuss the launch of a project to generate some revenue for the committee.

“There is a project the LNOC wants to tie a knot with Mahlasela Afroski and that is part of the agenda today,” Raleaka said.

“We basically want to set up a partnership with Mahlasela and we are going to propose this to the associations and other stakeholders so that each one of us can contribute to it.” He said the committee was keen to venture into business in an attempt to generate some revenue. Raleaka said this was one of the ideas they picked up at the London Olympics where Lesotho failed to pick any medals.

“We learnt from other countries during the Olympic Games how to generate income and we are actually at an advantage over other African countries because in Lesotho we have a lot of snow,” he said. “We want to do away with issues of individuality and pride by saying let’s just work on this project as a team because this is going to benefit sport in general,” he said.

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