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LNA team manager Musi cries foul

Moorosi Tsiane

REGION 5 African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Games netball team manager Matšepo ‘Musi has accused the Lesotho Sport and Recreation Commission (LSRC) of siding with her “disobedient” coach Munyaradzi Shanduka.

‘Musi says Shanduka has refused to work with her in the team’s preparations for the for the AUSC games scheduled for Botswana in December this year.

‘Musi told the Sunday Express recently that she was left with egg in her face when the LSRC ignored her as she sought their mediation between her and Shanduka who is reportedly refusing to take orders from her as expected.

In a letter addressed to the Lesotho Netball Association (LNA) Shanduka said due to unresolved issues between his club Leqele High School and the LCS Netball team (which was managed by ‘Musi) he is not willing to work with ‘Musi even though she is the team manager.

The letter cites an “unresolved” assault of Leqele players by the LCS team which Shanduka says has been ignored by the LNA and the perpetrators.

“My first concern arises from the inclusion in the technical team of Matšepo Musi, a senior member of the correctional service netball team,” part of the letter reads.

“It is widely known by all in the sports fraternity in this country that the LCS and Leqele have an outstanding issue which emanated from the beating of Leqele players by members of the LCS netball team during the LCS tournament of 2016, at the LCS netball court. You will recall madam that after that incident, the Leqele principal raised a complaint through a letter which she addressed to the LNA.

“But the LNA ignored the letter up to date. Not only did the LNA ignore the letter but they also decided not to attend to that grievance until today. Instead the LNA chose to pretend as if all was well and nothing happened.

“For the above reason, Leqele netball team and myself, find it very difficult, if not impossible to work with Mme ‘Musi.”

The letter further says even parents of the Leqele players are against engaging with anyone from the LCS.

“None of the team’s leadership, players and their parents are willing to engage with anyone from the LCS at any level for any reason in respect of the above unresolved incident (sic)…Leqele principal’s effort to call for dialogue which was aimed at bringing an amicable solution between the two netball teams, was ignored by both LCS leadership and LNA executive committee,” the letter also says.

‘Musi said Shanduka has refused to work with her and this has delayed her from submitting the list of players who are set to play in Botswana to the LSRC. The LSRC gave the LNA until Friday to submit the names of the participating players failure of which another sporting discipline would replace netball at the AUSC Games.

“We have been instructed to submit the final list of players as team mangers in our different disciplines and those names will come from the coaches because they are the ones who select players. However, I have not submitted my list because Shanduka is always avoiding me when we are supposed to meet and finalise the list.

“I learnt that he has written to the LNA pointing that he is not intending to work with me because LCS players once beat his players in 2016,” ‘Musi said.

‘Musi conceded that indeed members of the LCS team at one-point assaulted Leqele players but said that issue has since been resolved and players who were involved in beating were taken to task.

“That issue happened three years back and surprisingly both parties involved have met and the players who were involved in that brawl were taken to task.”

She said her attempts to get the LSRC involved have failed to bear fruit as she and her president Sheila Moluoane have been ignored.

“We have tried several times to have the LSRC to intervene but they have ignored us. We scheduled a meeting a fortnight ago but Shanduka did not pitch and it failed to materialise.

She said she is now battling to find a solution.

LSRC chief executive officer Mofihli Makoele denied that they are refusing to solve the conflict but said it is the task of the LNA to resolve the impasse as they have the authority to select managers and coaches.

“As the LSRC we do not have players. Our associations are the ones who have to give us teams as they have selected a team manager and a coach.

“Of course, Shanduka has written to us explaining why he thinks working with the current manager will not and on numerous occasions we have pushed the LNA to resolve the problem. The fight is from as far back as 2016 and the LNA was supposed to act and it is still up to them to ensure that the team is submitted to us.

“The feud has cost the country as Leqele withdrew their players from the under-21 team from the Botswana hosted World Cup and the team performed dismally by losing all matches. Now we need a team that we are sure is going to compete and the LNA have until today (Friday) to submit the final list,” Makoele said.

It could not be established if the LNA had submitted the names of the players by the time of going to print. Efforts to contact Shanduka were also fruitless as his phone did not go through.


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