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Litjobo opts out of AD polls

’Marafaele Mohloboli

LEADER of Alliance of Democrats Youth League (ADYL), Thuso Litjobo said he will not contest in the race for either deputy leader or secretary general positions in the upcoming elective conference expected in the first quarter of this year.

Addressing the party’s youth at Alliance of Democrats’ office in Maseru East last Friday, Mr Litjobo said his decision follows advice from the party leader, and Deputy Prime Minister, Monyane Moleleki who called on him not to contest in the two positions.

The party leader, he further explained, also suggested that the party’s current secretary general, Mokhele Moletsane, should also not contest for similar positions.

The AD deputy leader’s position fell vacant following the death of Mr Kabelo Mafura, who was also Minister of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation last month.

However, divisions have rocked the AD in the past few weeks, with some members supporting Mr Litjobo while others aligned themselves with Mr Moletsane for the two positions.

Mr Litjobo last Friday condemned divisions in the party saying the situation presented similar signs that split the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) and the Democratic Congress (DC), the two parties the AD was previously part of.

“We all know that you have divided yourselves into two factions as some of you express allegiance to Mokhele Moletsane and others to me. That is wrong because the only person who is the pillar of this party and whom we should all be loyal to is our leader, Ntate Moleleki,” said Mr Litjobo.

He said following the advice by the AD leader, anyone who shall do otherwise or say otherwise will be operating against the wishes of Mr Moleleki.

“However, it should be very clear that this is not binding.  The leader should not be misinterpreted, but you should all know that with me, his advice and suggestions are binding and therefore even if you were to speak in tongues to try and convince me otherwise, your pleas shall fall on deaf ears,” said Mr Litjobo.

He said he made this decision to appease the party leader who has been trying to build peace and unite the party after the elective conference hype sowed some seeds of division.

He said Mr Moleleki was deeply concerned about the eminent fragments within the party as he believed in peace, unity and stability.

“As we near the elective conference we can see that there is factionalism and malice amongst you and this will perpetuate instability within the party foundation. I therefore beg you to listen to calls by our leader to stop this behaviour,” said Mr Litjobo.

He said Mr Moleleki was worried about the secret meetings being held by some of the party members and wanted them to stop as they would cost the party.

“These caucuses that some of you are busy holding are not for the good of the party. We therefore plead with you to stop attending them forthwith as they are a sign of rebelliousness. It is good to hold meetings in your respective constituencies when the time is right and not now when we are headed for the elective conference.”

Mr Litjobo urged all cadres to support the AD leader to achieve his vision by working to build peace and unity for the betterment and growth of the party.

Patience and tolerance, he further explained, would make way for a smooth elective conference and support stability of the party.

“Let’s all strive for peace and unity wherever we are as we face this challenge of divisions. Importantly, lets heed the call for peace and unity by our leader. Do not listen to me or Moletsane if we say what is contrary to what our leader is advocating for,” said Mr Litjobo.

He said while it is a good thing that members were currently active, this should always be the case whether there are upcoming elections or not.

“You should not be like some springs that only show life after the rains. You should always be active and not only be vibrant in politics around election time,” said Mr Litjobo.

He said all members should work towards ensuring that the party improves its performance by garnering more parliamentary seats in the 2022 elections.



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