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Litjobo blasts Majoro, Mokhothu for parly absence


’Marafaele Mohloboli

ALLIANCE of Democrats (AD) spokesperson, Thuso Litjobo, has blasted Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro and his deputy Mathibeli Mokhothu for failing to treat parliament business with seriousness.

This after the duo failed to show up during the re-opening of parliament over the weekend.

Mr Litjobo accused the two of concentrating on campaigning for their parties, the All Basotho Convention (ABC) and the Democratic Congress (DC) respectively instead of focusing on the delayed reforms process.

His Majesty, King Letsie lll gazetted the recall of parliament from 22 August 2022 to this Tuesday to pass the reforms bills giving effect to some of the constitutional reforms recommended by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) way back in 2016 to help end perennial instability in Lesotho.

It is in this context that Mr Litjobo is now accusing the duo of focusing on their respective parties while the reforms process suffered.

Addressing deputy speaker Lebohang Ramohlanka, Mr Litjobo said it was unfair for Dr Majoro and Mr Mokhothu to asbent themselves from parliament when it had crucial business to attend to.

“Where are they?” Mr Litjobo asked.

“Where is the Prime Minister and his deputy? Was this parliament reopened for us to do the work all by ourselves, while they are busy gallivanting?

“There are busy at the constituencies while we are here working. We are being used.”

At this point, Ms Ramohlanka tried to call Mr Litjobo to order but she failed as he continued pressing for answers.

“Honourable Litjobo, we have been called here by the command of His Majesty. We have been called to do some work. Order. Get seated.

“We still respect the Chair and the House. I am warning you honourable Litjobo because you are uncontrollable. You are not even seated in your rightful place,” she said.

But this failed.

“I want to know where they are. Maybe you can tell us if they told you their whereabouts. I sat here by my own choice in this 10th and half parliament (Sic).

“This parliament has been recalled on the account of the Prime Minister and his deputy because they have always been absent. We are being called to order while they are busy in their constituencies,” he said.

Mr Litjobo said the 10th parliament had failed to pass the reforms bill because of leaders’ delays.

“We are being used here. The reforms have been delayed like this because some leaders are not serious at all. They have not been coming to work.

“Where are those two people who seat there? If we respect this House, why aren’t those two respecting it when His Majesty has recalled the House. We are not here to be used. They (PM and DPM) are clowns,” he said, pointing at Dr Majoro and Mr Mokhothu’s empty seats.

Shortly after Mr Litjobo’s outburst, Dr Majoro walked in.

The Prime Minister’s press attaché, Buta Moseme, said it was not true that the Dr Majoro had not attended parliament.

“He was there from the first day. He even made some remarks to show that he was participating,” Mr Moseme said.

He said the premier was “a bit late” because he had to welcome the new Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to Lesotho, Maria Pavlova Tzotzokrova- Kaymaktchieva, who had just presented her credentials to His Majesty King Letsie III.

“It’s not true that he was gallivanting as Mr Litjobo claims,” Mr Moseme said.

Mr Mokhothu was said to be addressing his party’s rally at Ketane, Mohale’s Hoek.

Contacted for comment, Mr Mokhothu said it was not true to say he had not attended because he did so virtually.

“I participated virtually and even made some opening remarks so that the parliamentary business could proceed.

“Funny enough his (Litjobo’s) leader (Monyane Moleleki) was not there. Why doesn’t he raise it as a concern? However, I reckon it was just one of those light moments in parliament. I guess he just wanted to while away time and crack a joke. It is nothing to take to head,” Mr Mokhothu said.


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