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Litaleng to host mega hip-hop show

Mohalenyane Phakela

Liquid Gold has partnered Rock On Entertainment for a show dubbed Hip-Hop Invasion to be held in Litaleng this coming Saturday beginning 2pm.
The March 22 show will have Sadon, Isosceles, Blaze, Febric, Case-Closed, P.I.E, K.I MegaHertz, Sep D, Sir Nic, Lyrical Machenics, Calvin Mc Kesh, Tsoutang, DJ Beats and DJ Osmic performing alongside the Liquid Gold crew.

“The event is basically intended to promote Liquid Gold as a brand, thus, giving artistes within the movement the opportunity to get their stuff out in the public domain and create their own street hype,” a member of Liquid Gold, Fatal Verb (real name Mpho Tsakatsi) told XpressPeople.
“The featured acts were carefully selected so that both mainstream and underground markets are served. We lined-up artists we have worked with in the past and made sure they are those who captivate the crowd.

“The artistes that will be performing are from different stables so everyone with undying love for hip-hop music will be catered for. This goes out to all rap music lovers and hip-hop fanatics from the age of 13 upwards.”

According to Fatal Verb, Liquid Gold was formed in December 2012 and consists of the country’s most gifted and raw talent.

The name was adopted from the country’s biggest natural resource, water, “the Liquid Gold of Lesotho”, as described by Fatal Verb. The movement consists of rappers, poets, producers, deejays and beat-makers from different crews and labels.
“The plan is to spread our wings and reach out to all the music lovers in different markets and target groups.
“The idea behind the movement is to work together, combine different art-forms and skills with the general aim of discovering new talents and mature existing members into well-established artists and businesspeople,” said Fatal Verb.

Liquid Gold has so far released a single called Gimme Some, with Fatal Verb, Cyphic Black and L-Tore on the vocals, and produced by DJ Taks.

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