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Linare to hold trials


Moorosi Tsiane

Linare public relations officer Refiloe Makhobotloane has dismissed speculation that the club was going to part ways with coach Motlatsi Shale and replace him with club legend Moses Ramafole.

The Hlotse-based outfit did not have a good season in which they ended in 12th spot on the 14-team premier league table.

However, Shale only came to the team in the second round of the season and managed to save the team from relegation.

But according to Makhobotloane, Shale would remain with the team as he still had two years remaining on his contract.

“He (Shale) signed a three-year contract with us so he is still our coach. Firing him will not solve our problems because the coach wasn’t our problem,” Makhobotloane said.

“Too many things happened during the season and we will be going back to the drawing board and see where we got it wrong because the fact is the team struggled and not because of the coach.”

Asked about comments made by Shale after their last game against Lioli when he said at times, he would pay for players’ transport and food, Makhobotloane said: “The truth of the matter is we all make mistakes and what he said might be the truth. The only problem is he used the wrong platform to say it but at the same time, it was a wake-up call to us as the team’s management to see that we get our house in order.”

Makhobotloane also said the team would be holding trials during this off-season as they need to recruit new players to increase their pool.

“We have sat down with our coach and agreed to hold trials during this off season. Our team is struggling financially so it is not easy to get these big-name players. That’s why we want to find new players so we can increase the size of the squad and also competition in our team. There is a lot of talent in Leribe which we want to utilize as much as possible,” said Makhobotloane.

“Our coach has also said he does not want lose any of the players we had last season so there will only be additions, unless a player’s departure cannot be avoided for one reason or the other.”

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