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Lilaphalapha 4 due December

Mohalenyane Phakela

THE fourth instalment of the comic movie series, Lilaphalapha, is half way through its shooting and is scheduled for release in December 2018.

Titled Lilaphalapha 4: The Hunt, the film is a sequel to the three previous instalments.

It kicks off with the old Lilaphalapha (played by Bofihla ‘Neko) being chased by security guards after failing to settle his hotel bill. Left destitute, he then goes on a hunt for those who spent his money during his stay in Maseru after abandoning his troublesome two sons in the rural village.

Meanwhile, the two sons, Mokitimi (Shoaepane Sehahle) and Mashoto (Thuso Dlamini), are evicted from Lilaphalapha’s house in the rural village by a man who claims to be Lilaphalapha’s first born and that the two are not his legitimate children.

The comedy also introduces new comedians which include Tieho Khakhau, Monare, Joshua and Bsb Da Comedian.

Speaking to Xpress People recently, Lilaphalapha, who is also the producer and director of the film, said as much as it is comedy, the film also intends to teach his audience that Maseru is not as glamorous as most people perceive it.

“In Lilaphalapha 3, the old man (Lilaphalapha) abandons his home in the rural village with all his money and decided to go to Maseru where he falls in love and gives a woman his money but she disappears with it,” ‘Neko said.

“They were staying at the hotel so the sequel starts with Lilaphalapha trying to escape without paying the bill yet the hotel picks up on his tricks and the security chase him down but manages to escape. He then goes on a hunt for the lady together with the people she spent her money with.”

He said they have tried to maintain the comic aspect of the film by bringing in new comedians.

‘Neko said the rest of the new cast was recruited through an SMS platform which has enable the production unearth new talent.

“It is our strategy to unearth raw talent and we were able to get people from outside Maseru.”

The film with have four main characters, 20 others who play minor roles and 50 extras.

‘Neko Lilaphalapha 4, is yet to secure sponsorship.

“In part three we introduced the idea of companies sponsoring the film and we placed their products as part of the storyline. This time we are yet to secure any as most have been empty promises. However, we are confident that we will get at least two local companies who have shown keen interest even though the sponsorship will not come in monetary terms.

“We have also upgraded the quality by using high definition cameras as the idea is to send the film to international film festivals before actually selling it. The strategy is meant to weigh ourselves on the global market,” ‘Neko said.

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