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Likhopo vow not to let sponsors down

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Likhopo Team Manager Qamako Mahao said he is confident the addition of SBV Security Unlimited in the list of their sponsors will bring in more stability into the team

Likhopo Team Manager Qamako Mahao said he is confident the addition of SBV Security Unlimited in the list of their sponsors will bring in more stability into the team

Moorosi Tsiane

Likhopo team manager Qamako Mahao is confident the addition of SBV Security Unlimited to  their sponsors would bring more stability to the club.

A three-year football equipment sponsorship between the two entities was launched during a media briefing held in Maseru on Wednesday.

According to Mahao, the team was continuing to lose key players which he said had become cause for concern hence the importance of the SBV Security Unlimited sponsorship.

“We had two sponsors and this is the third one. I want to believe this will bring change in the team in terms of stability. It is a fact that we have lost key players over the past three seasons and  hopefully, this additional sponsorship will give our players more assurance about their future,” he said.

Mahao further noted the sponsorship was “open-ended” and did not have a fixed amount.

“We use the money that we get from MGC to run our day-to-day business as well as pay players’ allowances so this sponsor will only be looking at the equipment needed in the team.”

According to Mahao, losing players was disheartening but keeping them against their will could be equally damaging to the team.

Ntate Bishop used to tell us that if a player wants to leave, we should never stand in his way. We groom these players but if they get big-headed and think they must leave, there is nothing we can do about it. We simply have to develop new ones who will then be fully committed to the team,” he said.

Mahao admitted it had not been easy since the death of Likhopo founder and coach Bishop Molatoli in January 2014.

“His mere absence is a challenge in itself. It has not been easy for us to cope since he passed on because he was a very technical person and that is where we have been very weak. But we will be boosting our technical team before the season kicks-off because the aim is to end the campaign on a respectable position and winning the league title would be a bonus for now,” said Mahao.

Mahao further told the Sunday Express that the club would do its best to ensure the partnership signed on Wednesday goes beyond its initial three years.

“Our football is still in transition from amateur to professional and it is only through the help of business that we can get there. I would like to celebrate this sponsorship and thank SBV for giving us a chance to work with them. We are determined to protect their brand and see that the partnership does not end after the three years.

“This marks the beginning of a new journey with SBV and the players must double their efforts to ensure our sponsors are always happy because there is no one who likes to be associated with losers.”

On his part, SBV Risk and Compliance director, Gideon Serfontein said his organization was “privileged” to have partnered Likhopo.

“As a proud company, it is our responsibility to support the community and it is a privilege to be working with Likhopo because of their achievements over the 20 years of their existence,” Serfontein said.

“The symbolism of being associated with the local community is the most important part to us as a security company.

“What this team is doing to the community is what persuaded us to work with them and as a company, we would want to be associated with winners. We wish you well and hope you will make this company proud.”

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