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Let’s not take the gift of life for granted

suntalkOF all the wonderful things that God gave us, and of all his creations, none is as beautiful as the gift of life.
The birth of a child signals the continuation of the human race and expresses God’s love towards us by giving us more life.
Scientists may be up to no good in their labs cloning human beings, but they fail to see one thing. They may create the body but they will never create the soul.

What good is life without a soul? God alone is the sole creator of a human being and by human being I mean body and soul. The wonder of life will never cease to amaze us, just as the mystery of death continues to puzzle us. What is life and what is man to God? What does he intend us to do with life and why did he choose us, on earth to live?

I haven’t met anyone who has been satisfied with the answers they received. Perhaps the answers to these questions lie in living one’s life as best as possible.

We are all recipients of this remarkable gift that is life, yet strangely enough some people attempt to throw away this gift and do succeed in doing so. The intelligence of mankind has driven him to points of absolute insanity so much that he feels he can end his own life when he pleases.

The rollercoaster of life propels us to question God’s power. If he alone is the giver of life, then surely he alone will determine when to end it. Perhaps we must further examine this notion before considering ourselves worthy of anything. Do we own our lives or are we borrowed living on borrowed time? Who made us masters of our own life? If we say we own our lives, then why can we not sustain ourselves?

Why can’t we make it rain when we please or end natural disasters with the wave of a hand? We cannot do all these things because we are not in control of our lives. This wonderful life is for a limited time only and our greatest task is to make the most of it. Clearly, taking one’s life is undermining God’s power and perhaps provoking him.

When creating humans, he gave them dominion over animals. This means intelligence to rule the earth, but sadly this acumen has been used to undermine God’s precepts.

When suffering and misery invade, some people opt to end their life, but I tell you this much; what would life be without suffering? One has to suffer in order to fully understand life. One day’s suffering is not the end of life. There are people born in adverse conditions yet continue to live and appreciate each moment.

These are people who understand that our time on earth is borrowed and must be used to the fullest and wisely. I always find it strange that those who commit suicide and claim to have suffered are usually those who live most comfortably. I have never heard of a poor person who committed suicide because they had nothing to eat.
Yet the rich can commit suicide because they owed someone M50 000. The poor man values life and looks forward to each day because they live in hope. The rich man has since placed himself above all creatures.

He thinks he is God and if events do not go his way he ends his life. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise because those who live on earth should be strong and all the weaklings must go.
There are people who have endured unimaginable suffering yet continue to smile. Just because your husband/wife cheated on you is not justification for suicide. Look at the condition of most African children.

Most are born in poverty with no clue as to where the next meal will come from and yet can still afford to smile.
This has led to many rich people, especially those from the West, into believing that poverty is somehow glamorous. The children’s minds are filled with hope and they see the beauty of life to the fullest. The rich man on his porch stares into thin air and contemplates suicide. Poverty is not a curse but an avenue to know and fully acknowledge the existence of God. The poor know God, the rich spit on him.
Dear brother/sister, why then are you contemplating suicide over a lost job when someone has never held a job but continues to support his family? Why do you want to end your life just because someone you truly love does not love you? It is an open secret that those who love the most are seldom loved themselves. Know this and live by it.

No one can force another to love and it’s better to be alone than with someone who only pretends to feel the love.
Troubles will come and shake us but only the strong shall survive. Many weak people have fallen by the wayside and the moment you take your own life you become a statistic.
Whatever may be happening in your life is there to strengthen you so that you can live another day without fear. In the end, all battles come to an end and only heroes stand to taste the victory. Life is a big battle in which only the strong can survive.
Do not be the one who falls before the war begins. Life is a gift and must be treated as such.

Do not spit in God’s face, appreciate the gift he gave you and make Him proud. That is our mission as mankind; to please our creator. Few achieve this, but that is the goal. Live your life in a way that pleases God.


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