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Let’s exploit the power of the mind

by Sunday Express
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FROM childhood, we are told that human beings are have five senses, but I dare challenge this perception.
Maybe I am different, but I know for a fact that we are born with more than five senses. At least some of us are. Maybe the senses are much more than the commonly known.
Eyes are not only for seeing, a nose is not just for smell and touch does much more than feel.

No one will walk up to you and tell you that you have the sixth or seventh sense. It is up to each and every one of us to find the hidden senses and utilise them.
The people with just five senses sit idly by, waiting for others to come up with something and bring about change.

The world is mostly inhabited by people with five senses and that is why we live in utter misery and pain. They only see, hear, feel, smell and taste. The rest is non-existent to them.
It will take millions of years before the suffering of the world is dealt with appropriately because we need more than eyes to see it.

To those with only five senses, it is ok to just wake up, bathe and go to work, as they would have done the day before, and come back home and breed endlessly.
It is ok for them to keep on studying what has been studied before and to keep on making the same mistakes without learning.
It is alright for anyone with five senses to just do what they are told and not question anything, to look for the best in this life and forget about the next.
They are keen to just dress up and charm men and women with looks and not with the mind.

It’s alright for them to enjoy their money and look for success without ever wondering what they want from life.
It isn’t right, however, for the multi-sensed to pretend all is well just because they have a job and a partner.
It isn’t right to let things remain as they are just because you have succeeded. Life is so much more for those with more than five senses.
The beauty of life is about more than running after numerous degrees and scoring the best business deals and securing the riches and most attractive partner.
The beauty of life is about exploring those limits within us all.

While we walk the earth, this remains true; the difference between a person with five senses and one with more is that the multi-sensed studies and explores his limits to surpass expectations and make new discoveries.
If you explore your limits and marvel at them, you waste time and become stagnant. But if you explore your limits and question them, then you go beyond the expected.
Stretching one’s own limits creates an even bigger world of magic and opportunity. Those with six senses owe that to the third eye chakra that controls the sixth sense.
The third eye chakra is between our two eyes, that is; just below our temple.

The fact that we have the ability to tap into our sixth sense means that we have power to create magic and make it what we desire.
There are many magical moments in our lives. One so popular and known globally is the magic of Christmas.

Throughout the year, there is no time so full of excitement and love like Christmas. Legend has it that miracles have always happened on Christmas.
Many people give account of miraculous phenomena around Christmas. The story of Saint Nicholas started on Christmas and is still alive up to this very day.
Christmas stories and their magic will never die because on Christmas, the world gets together to believe and create a magic we call the Christmas spirit.
There is nothing that compares to the Christmas spirit. All humans have the power of the mystery. Life itself is one big mystery.

Our biggest weapon as humans resides in our minds. The moment we open our minds and use them well, we become so powerful that nothing remains impossible.
The mind holds one special tool, belief, and through it we can achieve anything we desire.
We begin to experience magic once we open up our minds and believe.
Throughout time the word became so fascinating that all human beings sought to pursue it.
Around 2700 BC, magic was already emerging through people who utilised their minds through belief.
It is said that the magician Dedi, in ancient Egypt was practicing some form of magic when he exchange birds’ head, thus resurrecting them.

There was also a group or magicians known as the Acetabularii who specialized in cups and balls effect. This was a form of magic. Magicians were subjected to extreme torture and as time prevailed, they were labeled witches and burnt at the stake.

Although they were strongly feared, there was nothing paranormal about their activities.
It was all a matter of self belief and everything became possible.

The emergence of the dark ages resulted in the killing of magicians and most magic practices went into extinction. Magic started to be associated with the occult and its entertainment value diminished. During the middle ages, magic was still associated with witchcraft and the occult.
Up to now, most magical tricks are still associated with the dark side and the magicians are not given proper recognition.
There is, however, or should be a distinction between magic and witchcraft.

Magic is positive while witchcraft is negative. Some famous magicians like Joseph Pinetti, Isaac Fawlkes, Harry Houdini, Jean Eugene, Robert-Houdini and many more are not known because of this great confusion that arose.

It’s as if their names died out with their practices, although their practices continued in secrecy. Magic has been the only thing that has helped the human race survive some hardships through life.
When the Africans were taken into slavery, they carried along with them their rituals, religious and cultural into captivity.
When they could not survive in exile, their cultural practices sustained them.
Magic was born the day mankind was created and it will continue to reign in all the days of mankind.

The greatest philosophers, inventors and great men of all time were all magicians. If this is the truth about mankind, then what are you waiting for, when will you release your magic?

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