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Let them fight until election time

Dear Cabinet and Congress Members


IT pleases me greatly comrades to inform you that our enemies are on the back-foot.

The All Basotho Convention (ABC), the party that gave us sleepless nights in the 2007 election, is at war with itself.

I am rubbing my hands with glee and I also encourage you to enjoy the spectacle while it lasts.

That angry and foul-mouthed turncoat of a politician who leads the party is having it rough this time round.

He cannot keep intact the party he formed largely with the support of bitter and discontented people from other parties including ours. 

The centre is no longer holding comrades.

Those hotheads who stormed out of our party a few years ago are now causing chaos in the opposition. 

The reason is that the quick rewards that they thought would come out of the new party have not been forthcoming.

They now feel marginalised because their arrogant leader has been parcelling out plum party positions to his close friends and other distant-relatives whose fickle characters he can manipulate for his benefit.

This is what really hurts our former comrades.

A party that they thought they could lead has turned them into rank and file members. Their egos have been deflated as they watch mere commoners and even imbeciles climbing up the ladder of the party’s power structures at the speed of light while they remain stuck in oblivion.

They have diplomas, degrees and loads of experience in politics but the leader will just not give them a second look.

They will remain in the periphery until they have learnt that the leader is not interested in people who think harder and better than him. 

The motto in that party is: “Don’t think, the leader hates competition”. 

Look at the party chairman for example. He is a man of very little talent.

A man not very “complicated” in his ideas and actions. 

He is a common man but has been making giant strides towards the echelons of power in the party.

He is now up there, right in the armpits of the leader.

The jealous ones and the rumour mill say he has “licked” his way to the top but who cares. As the old man grows older and older the chairman is inching closer to taking over the leadership.

I have no doubt the leader has already ordained him as a successor.

Comrades let’s pray that the chairman, a man of such unsophisticated thoughts, eventually leads that party.

I hear one of the angry delegates at the party’s shoddily organised special conference over the weekend described him as “unconstructible”. 

I am not sure if the chairman, in his simple mind, understood the true meaning of that description.

On a more serious note, though, I believe their internal battles should give us an opportunity to gain the ground that we have lost.

We must do everything in our power to make sure that they continue fighting until the elections. If it means infiltrating their party then so be it.

If it means planting more hotheads in the party’s structures then it shall be done.

Comrades, the enemies have been cornered and all that remains is for us to finish them off.

By the time they turn their attention to us they would have beaten each other to pulp and therefore too weak to fend off our blows.

Now is the time to strike.

Yet I must warn that for us to deliver the fatal blow to the enemy we need to be at our maximum strength.

That means we need to stop fighting amongst ourselves if we want to conquer the enemy.

We need to stop this backbiting that has become so common in our party.

The other advantage that we currently have is that their infighting takes our own internal squabbles from the newspaper headlines.

For the past three months the media has been washing our dirty linen in public. Let’s hope now that their favourite party is in trouble they will do the same.

Let’s hope the scribes will move slightly away from the old leader’s armpits so they can smell some fresh air.

Let’s hope they will rock the old man’s boat while we regroup and recoup our energy.

Until next week, let’s keep the congress fires burning.





Cut thy tail Uncle Sam

Jane Mohoalohoalo, the publicity secretary of the ABC youth league, is jobless at least politically speaking.

The man was booted out for reminding the party leadership they are running a political party and not a personal poultry project.

He is accused of being the author of the statement that blasted the party’s acting secretary-general Sam Rapapa this week for being overzealous.I have checked that statement and I see nothing in it that can warrant the suspension of the young man from the party. The youth league was merely reprimanding Uncle Sam for being too excited to be acting in Macaefa Billy’s position.

They were just reminding him that he needed to be formally introduced to the party members before he starts firing “excited” circulars to the youth league.

Why should a young man be suspended for reminding an old man to behave responsibly?


I could not help but laugh when one delegate at the ABC’s special conference described the chairman as “unconstructible”.

Now I understand that the delegate meant that the chairman did not take constructive advice and he cannot be redeemed from his bad ways.

But I am still puzzled why I associated the word “unconstructible” with the chairman’s looks.

Perhaps it’s because I suspect that it’s a wrong word to use for a man who looks like the chairman. I still suspect the delegate used the wrong word to describe the right man.

Let’s face it, the chairman is so huge that he looks more like he was constructed rather than created.

And let face it, the man is not one of the best looking ones around. Don’t get me wrong, he is not ugly. He is more than just that.

Yours truly sincerely believes that the chairman is indeed “constructible”.

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