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Lesotho meets SA poetry

sheila khala
sheila khala

Mohalenyane Phakela

MASERU — Local poetry acts Sheila Khala and The Disciples have been billed to grace South African stages in an event Lesotho meets SA poetry show to be held at Quigney in East London on Saturday.

The event has been made possible by South African author and poet Bandile Magibili through his entertainment outfit Alphabetic Art in collaboration with local poetry movement Poetry is Alive.

The movement Poetry is Alive was initiated by poet and author Sheila Khala almost six months ago to bridge the platform for poets all around Africa but most importantly to teach and pass messages through all poets that get a stand on its different shows.

“Coming together to share our experiences and unifying our work is basically intended to inspire every person that comes across our work of prose and performances,” Magibili told XpressPeople in an interview on Thursday.

“Our unity is not meant to make an impact on individual beings but boost each others’ sag of confidence at any platform we get, across the world.

“Having Poetry is Alive acts going out of their comfort zone (Lesotho) to broaden their horizons by introducing the movement to new areas where it is not fully known, creates relationships and strengthens the poetry arena.

“We are yet to disseminate the spoken word across Africa, starting by this show in East London, then Qwa Qwa later on this month.

Lesotho’s representatives will be up against South Africa’s Thando Ngcobo, Mzi, Makaskill, Ku’Bo, C’money, Wara Bafo, Bloemfontein’s Hector Kunene, Jahrose and been blessed with the presence of Badile Magibili himself who is based in Eastern Cape.

Poetry is Alive is on people’s lips and they are eager to know all about  it, that is why Sheila went all out to say, “Let’s visit these origins and plant seed of poetry or fatten it. The aim is to blend and grow.”

The tour also serves as an awareness campaign for 16 days of activism against women and children abuse, explained Sheila to Xpress People.

“It’s a season of 16 days of activism against Women and Child abuse. We are much aware of the predicament and we are coming together in one accord from different places with the same objective, thus, stopping gender abuse.

“I wrote a poem about it speaking from a victim’s perspective as I experienced abuse this time last year. I am stepping up to be the voice to the voiceless.

Poetry is alive is out there administering the messages that different seasons bring forth. Poetry is alive is here!

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