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Lephole bags top INF gig

Leemisa Thuseho

LESOTHO’S top netball umpire Chakatsa Lephole has been included on the panel that is reviewing the International Netball Federation (INF) World Class Officiating Programme.

The team is made up of 10 umpires from all over the world and they will work from their respective countries.

Africa has only two representatives being Lephole and the 2019 World Cup best player Karla Pretorius from South Africa.

Lephole is representing African umpires while Pretorius is representing athletes.

This World Class Officiating Programme was established in 2018 based on the World Class Officiating Research published by INF.

According to Lephole, the team is tasked with reviewing the current plans to develop the World Class Officiating Programme to determine whether the programme should be changed or accelerated.

“We are having online meetings and in the end; we are expected to produce our review report and we expected,” Lephole said.

“We started the work on 28 May and we are expected to submit our report at the end of June or in the first week of July.”

The appointment was made by INF and this is Lephole’s first time on the panel.

Rightly so, Lephole regards this as one of his biggest achievements in his career.

“This is a huge achievement…to be considered one of the people who can have input on how officiating should be improved globally is a wonderful achievement.

“It means a lot to me because one has to be well informed and be a good umpire to be given this opportunity,” Lephole added.

He added that the appointment was a sign that he was on the right path while it would also motivate him to do more.

“This means the INF has noticed that I am on the right track and is aware of my potential. It is clear that they are not turning their backs to the fact that I can contribute to the growth global netball umpiring,” Lephole added.

Lephole acquired the International Umpire Award (IUA) in 2018. The UIA is the highest umpiring award offered by the INF and he remains Lesotho’s highest qualified umpire.


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