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Lefate star quits BAM

Molibeli “Stlofa” MokakeMatšei Moloi

MASERU — Molibeli “Stlofa” Mokake — the other half of popular musical group Lefate — has left BAM Promotions after complaining he earned less than his partner Lethapa “Damario” Tikiso.
Lefate is one of a number of local groups and musicians managed by BAM Promotions, with most of the artistes being employed on a full-time basis by the company.
But exactly one year after joining BAM Promotions, Stlofa — whose personal relationship with Damario appears to have soured in recent months — has quit the firm in a huff, citing a contractual dispute.
“I left BAM Promotions on November 8 because of some misunderstanding with regards my contract,” he told Xpress People.
“I’m out of BAM until further notice,” he added, without elaborating further.
Stlofa, who launched his first solo album two weeks ago, told Xpress People he would only return to BAM once the dispute was resolved.
He said he had, in the meantime, decided to go it alone.
“We have agreed with BAM management that I will go back to work once the confusion about the contract is sorted out,” he said.
“Right now, we are in the process of trying to resolve the misunderstanding.”
The dreadlocked musician said he was not at liberty to disclose the “misunderstanding”, insisting he was now focusing on “doing my own personal work as Stlofa”.
Meanwhile, BAM Promotions public relations officer Mpho Sefali confirmed Stlofa was no longer with the company.
She said the singer complained of disparities in salaries between himself and Damario.
“He left BAM three weeks ago,” Sefali said.
“Stlofa was complaining that he earns very little compared to Damario.
“This came as a surprise because he did  not occupy the same position as Damario here at BAM.
“Stlofa and Damario occupied different positions, and as a result they could not earn the same salaries.”

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