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Lefate star goes solo

Pascalinah Kabi

MASERU — The Lefate duo of Molibeli Mokake and Tikiso Tikiso has decided to go separate ways this summer.

Mokake is working on a solo album because, he claims, there is “no competition in the local music industry”.

The move comes only a few months after the two musicians claimed to have patched up their off-stage differences which threatened to split the group. Last week Mokake told Xpress People the awardwinning group had gone for years without any competition in their genre which they call mokorotlo. The group is however largely classified as a kwaito outfit.

Lefate started singing in 1996 but their first album appeared on the local music charts in 2002. “I am going solo because we have agreed so,” Mokake said. Mokake said they were the only two artists in the country singing mokorotlo music. He said the only possible way to promote their genre was to compete against each other. “We are only trying to bring something new in the music industry,” Mokake said.

He said that his 10-track album will hit the streets in December.

The album is dubbed Haho Poo Peli (There is only one champion). “I have planned to release by December,” Mokake said. “I am featuring other local artists like Immortal Phoenix, Julius Khutho and Sebata.” Tikiso could not be reached to confirm whether or not he was also working on a solo project.

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