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Lefa names new CEO

Pascalinah Kabi

 MASERU — The Lesotho Football Association (Lefa) has hired Mofihli Makoele as chief executive officer.

Makoele told the Sunday Express on Thursday that he had accepted Lefa’s job offer.  

“Yes I did and I signed the contract with the association on the 30th of August,” Makoele said.

The 45-year-old administrator said he was expected to start work next Friday.

“I am given an offer to start work on the 1st of October,” he said.

Makoele is replacing Mokhosi Mohapi who served as the acting chief executive for nearly two years until he was demoted last month for making an unauthorised trip.

Mohapi started acting after incumbent Lefa chief executive officer Mafole Sematlane resigned in 2008.

Makoele said he decided to apply for the job because he had always wanted to serve sports in a decision-making position.

“I applied and took the offer because all my life I’ve wanted to be in decision- making-position at a sports association,” Makoele said.

“For the many years I was administering sports I was a volunteer and now I want to contribute to developing sports differently.”

He said he would need the Lefa executive committee’s full support to him to be able to positively contribute in developing sports in the country.

“I want the board to give me full support for me and them to shine in developing sport in the country,” he said.

He said his first task on Friday would be working hard to study Lefa’s structure.

“The first task is to learn the organisation’s structure to see if things are going the right direction,” Makoele said.

“I am not going to teach people their work but I will be guiding them.

My employers certainly know what they want to achieve,” he said.

Makoele said he was looking forward to his work at Lefa.

“It is the only sport organisation that has offices and contact persons in all the districts,” he said.

He said football in the country can only improve if all stakeholders involve are professionals.

“Sport is a profession and if we start off with a professional management then we can take a right direction in developing sports in the country.”

“Our mission must be results oriented.”

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