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Lefa misused funds: Motsoasele

Pascalinah Kabi

MASERU — The A Division Management Committee (Admaco) spokesperson Mosebo Motsoasele resigned last week after accusing the Lesotho Football Association (Lefa) of misusing funds earmarked for the committee.

Motsoasele told the Sunday Express on Friday that he was   particularly irked by Lefa’s failure to hand over monies budgeted for Admaco from sponsors.

Motsoasele alleged that Lefa has been misusing funds which were initially meant for the committee and “whenever we asked about these monies, there was never a clear answer.”

According to Motsoasele Admaco’s woes started during the first Vodacom 2008 Soccer Spectacular competition when Action in Group Sports Association (Agsa) donated M13 000 to the committee.

“But this was never forwarded to us,” Motsoasele added.

He alleged that last year there was M40 000 from Vodacom budgeted for lower division referees while this year the same company provided another M40 000 for the same purpose but “this money never reached our offices”.

Lefa had also taken the responsibility of Admaco by fully running A Division competitions through the office of facilities and administration manager Mokhosi Mohapi. This angered Motsoasele.

Agsa president Tšeliso Khomari confirmed to the Sunday Express on Friday that Admaco was entitled to get ‘a certain percent’ from the 2008 Vodacom Soccer Spectacular.

“What happened is that in the original project proposal Admaco and the premier league management committee were supposed to get certain percentages because the teams fell under their administration,” Khomari said.

“Lefa was supposed to get gate takings, Agsa a percentage from SMS (short message service) revenue while Vodacom would get free marketing or advertising,” he said.

But things took a new twist when Lefa demanded all the money just after the competition.

“Immediately after the competition, Lefa stepped in and demanded that we pay them the money and we ended up giving them M30 000.

“We did not pay both Admaco and the premier league because they do not have bank accounts but we believed that Lefa would give them (Admaco and premier league) the money which was initially promised to them.

“But whether they (Lefa) ended up giving them the money or not, we are not sure because it is not in our capacity to follow it up.

“If they were not given their percentages then it becomes an internal political issue within Lefa as an organisation,” Khomari said.

Motsoasele threatened to resign in April last year over ‘Lefa’s delay to deal with A Division promotion and relegation cases.’

“From next year (2011/12 season), I will not be dealing with any issues concerning A Division Management Committee because of many things that have and are still happening,” Motsoasele told the Sunday Express then.

“In short, I find it reasonable to stop working with Admaco because I am tired of fighting a losing battle in an effort to put things right, of which they will never be right,” he said.

Lefa facilities and administration manager Mokhosi Mohapi said he was not interested in engaging “in a war of words with ntate Motsoasele in the media.”

Ntate Motsoasele must not be a coward by walking far from us but instead he must come and we iron out his concerns,” Mohapi said on Friday.

Mohapi said while Motsoasele is exercising his democratic right by talking to the media “he should not draw Lefa in the process.”

According to Mohapi, Motsoasele has not even filed a resignation letter with the association.

Motsoasele said Lefa has also acted unconstitutionally by allowing Mokhotlong to lodge a protest knowing that the constitution prohibits any team to do so after the announcement of relegation/promotion by Admaco.

This, Motsoasele said, undermined the Admaco’s credibility and powers.

Motsoasele had served in the committee as a member since 2002 before being appointed spokesperson in 2004.

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