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LEC warns public of job scams

Bereng Mpaki

THE Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC) has warned the public about a fraudster extorting money from unsuspecting jobseekers under the pretext that he works for the company’s recruitment agency.

The power company said the fraudster, who calls himself Thabang Molapo, calls jobseekers and demands anything between M200 to M300 for them to be part of an induction workshop at LEC before they can be employed by the company.

LEC’s reaction following recoded phone conversations that circulated on social media recently. In the recorded conversation, a man asks the lady who is on the other end of the line to pay the registration fees for the purported LEC workshop after which she would get employed.

However, the lady indicates that she does not have the required M300, to which the caller says she would miss the job opportunity as it was available for that day only.

The LEC said the conversation was recorded on 21 August and warned the public against entertaining the man.

“The public is warned about a man who calls himself Thabang Molapo who promises people LEC jobs if they pay M200 to M300 to attend a workshop after which they would receive a certificate which affirms their electrical skills and then be employed afterwards,” the LEC statement reads.

The LEC said it does not publicise its job vacancies through individual phone calls.

“When there are vacancies, the company follows usual channels of communication such as media houses such as newspapers, LEC Facebook page and on its website.

“The public is further asked to report any activities of this nature to the nearest police station or the LEC offices.

“The public is warned to be wary of these scams that are meant to extort money out of people through false promises of getting employed at LEC since this a criminal offense that carries serious consequences.

“The management also warns the perpetrators of this heinous acts to stop forth with as legal recourse will be sought on them.”

Jobs scams are increasingly becoming common in the country. Job scams are said to be popular in countries where there are high levels of unemployment. According to the Bureau of Statistics, Lesotho’s official unemployment rate was 32, 8 percent in 2016.

However, this figure is widely believed to have risen in recent years due to the pile up of graduates who are unable to enter the job market after tertiary education.

The mining sector has encountered a number of job scams in the past. In March this year, fraudsters used Letseng Diamonds to create non existing job openings. In 2017, when Mothae Diamond mine was preparing to commence production, a similar fake job advertisement did the rounds on social media before it was squashed by the mine management and ministry of mining.

Similar job scams have also been reported at Liqhobong mine and at the Matekane Group of Companies (MGC), which provides mining and construction services among others

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