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LEC donates to Red Cross

Limpho Sello

THE Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC) this week donated M70, 000 to the Lesotho Red Cross Society (LRCS) to support the organization’s humanitarian work in the country.

This support will pay school fees for some orphans and vulnerable children in the various districts.

LRCS’ work is focused on assisting poor communities with various forms of support, particularly in the event of disasters associated with extreme weather events such as drought and providing school fees to orphans and vulnerable children.

The cash support from LEC comes after the Red Cross Society requested for assistance in cash or in kind to enable the organization to sustain its operations.

LRCS made this request during a breakfast meeting held a few months ago, which also marked their 50th anniversary. Government officials, Non-Governmental Organisations and the private sector, attended the breakfast meeting.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, the LEC Acting Managing Director, Tankiso Mot?oikha, said the financial assistance reflects a strong partnership with the Red Cross Society, which started in 2002.

“The training of 110 of LEC workers in first aid marked the beginning of this relationship, which we have valued over the years. We will start discussions for the training of new people in the communities where we intend to electrify,” Mr Mot?oikha said, explaining further that, building first aid capacity within such communities was critical as it helped to save lives in case of accidents during their operations.

He said they plan to have at least 22 people trained in first aid. “We would like to work in communities where there are people well-prepared to support our operations, particularly in helping us to effectively manage accidents. We have no doubt that the Red Cross Society will again partner with us in this life-saving initiative.”

For her part, the Lesotho Red Cross Society Programmes Director, ‘Matsepo Moletsane said her organization was humbled to see a local company demonstrating such generosity in support of a noble cause, which is to serve the less fortunate.

Ms Moletsane said, support from local partners ensured that assistance was provided on time while consistency in local funding also safeguarded long-term assistance to the vulnerable.

“Over the years, our activities were funded by international development partners, therefore the emergence of local development partners is a step in the right direction. It shows that Basotho are ready to use their local resources and other means to tackle challenges of poverty and hunger,” Ms Moletsane said.

She said it was heartbreaking to see many people coming to the LRCS offices to ask for assistance, which at times, her organization is unable to provide due to lack of funding.

“We are therefore grateful for this financial assistance, which will pay school fees for orphans and vulnerable children. We also hope that this assistance will motivate other companies to also lend a hand in support of our programmes and in particular keep our children in school.”

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