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Leaders of congress parties to attend diamond anniversary

Bongiwe Zihlangu

MASERU — Leaders of congress political parties invited to the diamond anniversary of the movement in Lesotho by the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) will attend today’s celebrations. The Lesotho People’s Congress (LPC) leader, Kelebone Maope, and the Basotho African National Congress (BANC)’s Molapo Qhobela, said they will attend the event in Berea today. However, the main opposition emocratic Party (DC) said would send a member of the party from the Khafung constituency in Berea where the festivities will be held, as all its members of the executive “already have prior engagements”, according to secretary general Ralechate ‘Mokose. “I will not be able to attend the event. Neither will my leader Ntate Pakalitha Mosisili nor the DC deputy leader Ntate Monyane Moleleki owing to prior engagements,” ‘Mokose said.

“We will delegate a party official from the Khafung constituency to represent the DC executive committee. It’s the norm to assign junior party officials to events which the leadership cannot attend.”
Although it was not clear from the interview with ‘Mokose where and Moleleki will be, Mosisili is on the other hand chairing a Commonwealth mission observing the Ghana poll where the ballot was
cast on Friday. Asked if the executive committee’s absence would not create the impression that the DC was diplomatically declining the LCD’s invitation, ‘Mokose said those with their own interpretation “are entitled to their opinion”. “The fact remains that we have accepted the LCD’s invitation and that’s all that matters, that’s what’s most important,” ‘Mokose said.
Maope said the LPC had received the LCD invite and that “I’m most definitely attending the event”.

“We are all political parties whose foundation is based on the congress movement ideology. We are one thing, despite the fact that we all split from the BCP and are now separate entities,” Maope said.
“We’re a movement whose core purpose was to fight against the oppression of the colonial masters. “We’re still on the struggle journey because some of the aspects of the struggle we haven’t yet realised.”
Qhobela also confirmed on Friday that he would be attending the event. “If we’re invited, it’s a good thing. We will be there. It is only a fool who can decline the invite. It is an honour. It is about the history of a revolution, it doesn’t belong to anybody,” Qhobela said.

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