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LCD digs in on exiled leaders

’Marafaele Mohloboli

LESOTHO Congress for Democracy Youth League says the government should forget about the inclusion of the opposition in the reforms process if they do not demonstrate sincerity in their actions.

Speaking at a recent press briefing in Maseru, the youth league’s spokesperson, Pusetso Montšo, said the government was insincere in its call to LCD leader, Mothetjoa Metsing and his deputy, Tšeliso Mokhosi, to return home, claiming this was just a trap to entice them so that they can be arrested.

“They should forget about the reforms if they don’t change the way they are doing things. (Prime Minister Thomas) Thabane wants to run this government without an opposition, that is why he has written that letter to Ntate Metsing promising to give him security, yet he knows that he wants them arrested,” Mr Montšo said.

Last week the government wrote a letter to Messrs Metsing, Mokhosi and Mathibeli Mokhothu who is deputy leader of the Democratic Congress (DC), summoning them to come home to take part in the stakeholder meeting ahead of the reforms where all politicians were expected to participate.

The letters also encouraged the leaders to respond ahead of time so that arrangements for their security and safety could be made.

“If the government genuinely wants them back, the issue of warrants of arrests that we have seen on social media should be placed aside, and energy should be focused strictly and genuinely on the reforms agenda,” said Montšo.

He said LCD was aware that the government is readying itself to work on the reforms “but the road to that process is quite dirty.”

The LCD youth league has also appealed to the police to desist from taking ‘illegal orders’ from the authorities. “Stop soiling your hands with innocent civilians’ blood.

“The police need serious reforms, and for the past five years it has moved away from its constitutional mandate. They are politically active and are playing our opponents, unless this is a clear message that they are indeed politicians hiding behind the civil service.

“We are not against arrests of people where they have erred, but what we see now is that the government is trying to scare Metsing and the opposition with arrests.”

He said in as much as they needed to be part of the reforms, government should forget about the opposition’s input if their intention was to arrest their leaders once they are in the country.

“They should forget about our leaders’ input in the reforms if they are not ready to change their game,” he said.

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