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Lawyer demands M5million from LCD

Lekhetho Ntsukunyane

PROMINENT attorney, Khotso Nthontho, is demanding a whopping M5 million from the opposition Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD and its spokesperson, Teboho Sekata, for alleged defamation.

Mr Nthontho claims that Mr Sekata addressed an LCD press conference LCD on 7 March 2018, where he insinuated that Mr Nthontho had drafted “a bogus summons” for criminal charges against the LCD leader, Mothetjoa Metsing.

Mr Nthontho further claims that during the same event, Mr Sekata went on to label him a lawyer for the main ruling All Basotho Convention (ABC) party.

He disputes Sekata’s alleged utterances as untrue and therefore defamatory. He wants M5 million as compensation for his “damaged and injured” reputation.

In his letter of demand written last week, Mr Nthontho, stated that Mr Sekata and the LCD must pay the damages, failing which “(you) will leave me with no option but to approach the courts of law for an instant reprieve”.

“I have intently listened to the audio of the press conference held on 7 March 2018 at the Lesotho Congress for Democracy yard near Convention Centre, Maseru,” reads part of Mr Nthontho’s letter dated 28 March 2018.

“In that press conference, Teboho Sekata, the spokesperson for the Lesotho Congress for Democracy intimated that I, Khotso Nthontho, drafted “a bogus summons – samane ea lefofo” for criminal charges against the Lesotho Congress for Democracy leader, Mr Mothetjoa Metsing.

“Teboho Sekata went on to say that Khotso Nthontho is a lawyer for ‘toala’, a popular name and or slogan for a political party called the All Basotho Convention.

“All the utterances were made at a press conference authorised by Lesotho Congress for Democracy at its premises, and they are all not true. I have resultantly been defamed and my reputation greatly damaged and or injured.

“Several leaders of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy have on several occasions gone on a tirade to attack and injure my reputation on different media platforms, and it is now a recurring phenomenon spanning over a period of four years.

“I am therefore writing this letter of demand, as I hereby do, demanding payment of M5 million as damages to be paid by Teboho Sekata and LCD jointly or severally. Be pleased to know that failure to pay will leave me with no option but to approach the courts of law for an instant reprieve.”

Mr Sekata yesterday told the MNN Center for Investigative Journalism (MNNCIJ) that Mr Nthontho should go ahead and lodge the matter with the courts, “because he will never get M5 million from us”.

“He can go to court. The M5 million he wants he will see it in his cup of tea, not from me or the LCD,” Mr Sekata said.

Mr Nthontho confirmed the authenticity of his letter of demand in an interview with the MNNCIJ.

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