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Lapeng a buzzing arts hive



LAPENG Restaurant, at Pioneer Mall, is playing host to a burgeoning artistic forum with an open mic session held every Thursday evening.

According to the session’s organiser and programme director, Mathobatsi Sekoere, it started off only catering for poets and Hip Hop acts early this year, but had grown in popularity to encompass other artistic expressions.

She said it now also provided photographers, video directors and other artistes a platform to showcase their wares and network with their peers.

“The idea for the show was spawned by the constant complaints by artists that the projects they would have expended their energy and resources in producing were not reaching the intended audiences,” Sekoere said.

“They also complained that the government was not regarding the arts as an industry that could contribute to the economic development of the country. So they wanted a forum where their work could be taken seriously.”

She said the sessions also provided networking opportunities for the performers with the audience and other artistes.

“The events have seen both professional and upcoming artistes share the stage, after which they normally equip each other with strategies and skills develop further,” said Sekoere.

“As the host, I have seen artists who perform on a regular basis improving their craft since they now had a crowd that acknowledges what they do, which in turn motivates them.

“My ultimate goal is to see local artists develop to international levels since they now have a platform to hone their skills.”

One of the artistes performing at the sessions – songbird, poet and rapper, Queen Mo – said it was the only platform they could unite as artistes.

“It is very hard to work together as artists if we have no meeting point and don’t know much about each other. However, with this event, we are able to share ideas and forge working relations,” she said.



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