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Laka is lekker

MASERU – South African artist Don Laka came.

He thrilled.

The people danced.

Some clapped.

Others screamed.

Friday night was a memorable outing for the near-capacity crowd that thronged Maseru Sun to watch Laka and friends on stage.

“The show was incredible,” Laka told Xpress People yesterday.

From the moment he went on stage, the crowd simply melted.

Never mind the audience was still tucking away at dinner, which was part of the M200 cover charge.

“I felt the intimacy between the audience and me because it was the first time that I performed on stage while the audience was relaxed on their tables enjoying dinner,” he said.

But by the second song, Destiny, a sizeable number were already on their feet.

The lights were dimmed.

Laka caressed the piano with aplomb, while tapping his feet on the floor and wearing an infectious smile.

Patrick Mokoka strummed the bass guitar as Walter Makhubela thumped the drums.

The visiting band played many of the songs, among them Supernova, that have over the years catapulted Laka to fame.

This was the fifth time the South African musician performed in Lesotho, his last show having come two years ago.

He is one of South Africa’s top jazz musicians and producers.

Laka’s music is a mixture of jazz, pop, kwaito, funk and rock ‘n roll which appeals to both young and old people.

The show on Friday was not short of local flavour.

The audience were thrilled to see Bhudaza Mapefane join Laka on stage with his saxophone.

At that moment the audience went gaga, yelling: “Proudly Basotho!”

Sechaba Litabe, the Afro-pop singer popularly known as Fatere, also wowed the crowd when he went on stage to bring down the curtain on the show.

Laka was dishing out his performance at the same venue last night.

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