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Lack of education not reason for famo deaths

Re: Term limits not necessary: Lehohla, Sunday Express September 19-25 2010


DEPUTY Prime Minister Lesao Lehohla says: “People who live in urban areas are prone to have attitudes against government even though they get a bigger share of the national resources than the people in the rural areas.”

No, minister. People in towns are resentful because they are more aware of the government’s incompetence and corruption than the rural citizens.



I am happy to hear these kinds of words from the minister.

He was not defensive in this interview as he admitted that there are areas where they made mistakes like the issue of cars for ministers. 

I think if we can have this kind of attitude among senior government leaders, this country can achieve a lot.

The only part that I don’t like in his interview is when he says ministers cannot afford to buy cars. Not true. They earn big salaries and can afford the most expensive cars.



Lehohla says: “We believe part of the problem has to do with the lack of education. I don’t think that most of them have gone as far as Junior Certificate level.”

I think the question, minister, is: what are you doing NOW to bring peace to the famo music industry?

The question is not what is causing the violence. Politicians with masters’ degrees fight and kill each other all the time in Lesotho, so your analysis shows you are not interested in solving the issue.


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