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Kwese TV network comes to Lesotho


Potential subscribers make inquiries about Kwese TV during the launch ceremony

Bereng Mpaki

MULTI-PLATFORM broadcasting television network Kwese TV is set to revolutionise the television landscape in Lesotho with the launch of its highly affordable pay https://www.viagrapascherfr.com/viagra-pas-cher-inde-feminin/ per view programming which will offer Basotho a wide variety of news, sports, information and entertainment viewing.

Kwese TV was launched on Friday night at a glittering ceremony attended by government officials, corporate players and other stakeholders at the National Convention Centre in Maseru.

The Kwese TV network, which was brought to Lesotho by Econet Telecom Lesotho, is the brainchild of world-acclaimed Zimbabwean entrepreneur Strive Masiyiwa, who is founder and chairperson of the Econet Group communications giant.

Lesotho thus joined 12 other African countries where Kwese has been launched, namely, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Kwese TV services comprises a bouquet of TV broadcasting channels offering news, sport, children’s and general family entertainment.

Deriving inspiration from the Shona word kwese which means ‘everywhere,’ Kwese TV is “premised on the concept of TV everywhere and anywhere” in Africa.

The television’s major selling points centre on the provision of high quality viewing from the ever-popular English Premier League soccer, National Basketball Association (NBA from major sports channels like ESPN), major news networks (including Sky News, France 24, Al Jazeera, and Bloomberg Television) to movies and children’s programming.

In addition to the conventional digital satellite, the affordable TV network can also be accessed on the internet as well as mobile phones and tablets which enables the viewers to access content everywhere and anywhere.

The bouquet comes standard with over 50 channels including entertainment, news and sports channels plus two Free-To-Air channels that include the Kwese Free Sport channel.

ETL Chief Executive officer Leon De Fleauriot said Kwese TV was a game changer that had been developed by Africans to meet the needs of Africans.

“Kwese is TV for Africa from Africans. Kwese is multi-platform; what this means is that we deliver content over Satellite TV, over mobile with the Kwese App, over Internet TV, over Free to air service and content over digital via the Web like kwese.espn.com,” Mr De Fleauriot said.

“Kwese has content such as movies, TV series, news and business, factual/ reality, lifestyle, kids’ entertainment and sport channels. It also has exclusive content such as ESPN, NBA TV, Revolt TV, FIFA 2018 – FTA (Exclusivity).”

He said Kwese had the added convenience of freeing consumers from being tied down to strict monthly contracts.

He also said instead, consumers had the luxury of choosing from subscriptions for three days, one week or a month depending on what was convenient.

“For a single payment of M540 you can get the decoder and dish installed at your house including a free month of viewing,” Mr De Fleauriot said, adding, “There is only one bouquet that offers all of our channels that you can subscribe to on a monthly, weekly or 3-day subscription”.

“Monthly subscription will cost LSL 350, Weekly will cost LSL105, 3 Days will cost LSL 56.

“We are in the process of adding LTV (Lesotho Television) to our platform and we will work with local producers to create Sesotho content for all Basotho. We already have an open platform for free submission of content to be included on the platform.”

Kwese is also in talks to add other popular television channels including ETV and the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

The Kwese starter pack includes a decoder, a dish with an installation kit, free installation, one month free subscription on Entertainment and Sport bouquets as well as viewing on four mobile devices.

For her part, Thato Mosisili, who stood in for Communications minister, Serialong Qoo, said the network would open up opportunities for the arts industry in the country.

“There are many reasons to be delighted about the Kwese TV launch. Firstly, it will create competition; something which is good for business, customers and the economy.

“Secondly, the immense opportunity to unlock potential for local arts industry in the provision of content. The value of that cannot be underestimated especially in a country like ours where the media industry is still in its infancy. There are thousands of young talented actors, producers, directors and script writers who need such a platform,” Ms Mosisili said.

One of the guests, businessman Retšelisitsoe Theko said the arrival of the network would save consumers money.

“What I like about Kwese TV is that it is an African initiative by an African and for African consumers. And I have been following the story of Strive on Facebook. We like to say you must think out of the box, but he is thinking like there is no box at all.

“Its coming to Lesotho is very good for competition because its competitors are boxing subscribers. I pay almost M1000 per month simply because I need to get more sports channels but if I am going to get all those with M350, then it’s very good competition,” he said.

Another guest, Nkonelo Nteso said the Kwese TV concept had surpassed all her expectations.

“The fact that it is developed by an African inspires us and instills the spirit of hard work in us. So, I am looking forward to seeing an African brand actually achieving something especially on the international scene,” Ms Nteso said, adding she would subscribe to Kwese.

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