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Krejcir’s high security home paints image of paranoia


Naledi Shange, News24


Johannesburg – The high security at Radovan Krejcir’s Bedfordview home which is due to go on auction this weekend, painted the picture of a very paranoid man.

“This man was probably paranoid or extremely scared of something but his house [security] is dramatic,” said Beeld photographer, Simone Kley.

– PICS: Krejcir’s high-security sanctuary

Kley visited the house on Tuesday and said she was shocked to see that one door had eight bolts on it.

“It’s insane. There are four bolts at the top of the door and another four at the bottom,” she said.

“He really was protecting himself and his family… With those high walls, I think you ask yourself, is it to keep something in or out. That guy was clearly trying to keep everybody out,” she said.

Each of the three levels of the house was sectioned off with Trellidor bars. The windows were also bolted with burglar bars, including those in the bathroom.

While the house seemed lavish with all the luxuries a person could dream of, Kley said it did not feel like a home.

‘There was no warmth’

“It’s very cold. As much as there were not any personal items to kind of add character and personality, it was just cold. There is no warmth in that house. Even though the child’s bathroom has been painted and stuff, it was just still just big and cold,” she said.

While some people may dream of getting a tour of the multi-million rand property, Kley said the experience was not what she expected it to be.

Krejcir, who is a Czech fugitive is currently behind bars after being convicted of kidnapping and attempted murder. During his trial, the court heard about how Krejcir tortured a man whose brother had fled with his shipment of drugs. The man told the court that as part of his torturing ordeal, Krejcir had poured boiling water over him.

“It really was unpleasant to walk around in his house knowing what he is capable of,” she said, adding that one awkward item she saw was a massive meat cutter in the kitchen.

Pictures by Simone Kley, Beeld.

No pictures of bedroom

Kley told News24 that while they were given free reign over the property, they were however given strict instructions to not take any pictures of the bedrooms.

“They didn’t say why. I found that really weird,” she said.

Kley said she did not spot any safes in the house or knobs which could perhaps lead to secret passages in the house.

“I don’t think he is the kind of guy who would have safes in an obvious place. There is one of the rooms where I felt that it had the potential to have a hidden place. It’s just the location of it,” she said.

Walking around the house, Kley said they tried to find something that would show Krejcir’s character other than the furniture in the house but the only truly personal items she spotted in the house was a blanket and a carpet.

Pictures by Simone Kley, Beeld.


The property, which is one of two belonging to Krejcir, are under a preservation order by SA Revenue Service.

Potential bidders are expected to fork out R100 000 to register to bid on the house. But Kley said even if she had the money, she would not want the house.

“Even if I had the money, I would never buy that house. I would buy myself a decent-sized home,” she said.

“It was massive. Over the top. Unnecessary. But I guess if you have the money to spend…”

Picture by Simone Kley, Beeld.

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