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KI goes it alone

Mohalenyane Phakela


Rapper Thato Lethunya, simply known by his stage name K.I. (Killah Instinct), has parted ways with music stable KOL to spread his wings.

The Mabote-born artiste told Xpress People there was no bad blood between him and the hip-hop stable.

“I’m still on good terms with KOL as I even worked with some of their artistes, such as Black Ink, Dunamis, Roach and Lily, on my debut album. I just believe pushing a solo career will help me grow as a musician”.

K.I. has just released his debut mix-tape titled OGM, which is an abbreviation of “Only God Can Judge Me”.

The 15-track album which K.I. believes is going to “open doors”, touches on different aspects of life, from looking at the challenges in the past to exploring possible ways for future success.

The album was produced by Jr Sigh and Stablo Pun of Bloemfontein.

One of the outstanding tracks is 6.0, featuring Jiji F Pistol and Proto-Type, a track which talks about the love of his life who left him because she said the rapper was more focused on music than their relationship.

But OGM is more than just a mix tape as it has given birth to OGM Concepts, a movement that is focused on uplifting Lesotho’s hip-hop industry through regular sessions to be held in Litaleng every fortnight, starting from 1 March.

It also intends to push art in general and has launched a clothing label, OGM.

“When I started working on my compilation in July last year, I met three friends – Fako Mokose, Tšitso Thabancho and Mphaka Mphaka – with the same vision I had, so we decided to venture into clothing and promote local art.

“The album is already on sale, but will be officially launched on 19 April. It is going to be a big show featuring Ghetto Iz, Black Ink and Durrty F.

“Our mission is to see everybody appreciate the effort we are making in advocating hip-hop in this country and for the government to realise that there is a lot of talent in Basotho youths.”


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