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Khubelu woman slaughtered in bed


’Marafaele Mohloboli

The police are probing the ruthless killing of a 22-year-old woman whose body was discovered by her husband in their Khubelu home on Wednesday morning.

The killing comes barely two weeks after two brutal murders of an elderly mother and her middle-aged son who were found dead in their home in the same area.

Deputy police spokesperson Lerato Motseki told the Sunday Express that the police were investigating the killings, which have left the community deeply concerned.

Wednesday’s killing, she added, had been even more surprising because there were  no signs of a break-in and struggle at the couple’s home.

“Apparently, when the deceased’s husband arrived home between 5 and 6am, he found his wife brutally murdered. The deceased had multiple stab wounds in the upper part of her body,” Senior Inspector Motseki said.

“From the information gathered by the police, it appears the husband had a tendency of not sleeping at home and this could have been one of the unfortunate days when maybe the wife had decided not to lock the door lest she be woken up when he returned while she was asleep because there was no evident sign of a break-in.

“There was also no sign of a struggle to suggest the woman fought her killer.

“Like I said, the door was not broken or tampered with; there were no signs of a fight and her body was lying in bed. It looked like she had just been stabbed without putting up a fight.”

According to Senior Inspector Motseki, what had become cause for concern was that two weeks ago, a mother and her son were slaughtered in their home around the same area.

“It is quite shocking and cause for great concern why these senseless killings are happening around this area,” Senior Inspector Motseki said.

“As a way of bringing calm to the local community which has obviously been greatly concerned about these deaths, the police have embarked on raids and awareness campaigns in the area.

“We are even visiting schools and calling public gatherings to try and bring the situation under control.

“We are therefore appealing to the public to help us with tip-offs that could lead to the arrest of the assailants who are still at large in both cases.”

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