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Keke in row with DVD producer

Lerato Matheka


MASERU — At just 14 years, Keketso Mohlomi has already seen her fair share of the troubles that come with joining the cut-throat music industry.

Only last year, the teen kwaito musician, popularly known as Keke, was embroiled in a fight with promoter Renang ‘Izo’ Ntereke. She claimed he defrauded her thousands of Maloti and touted her as an orphan so he could lure more customers during her live performances.

Keke’s troubles are far from over, it would seem.

Her decision to produce a DVD of her songs has landed her at the centre of another storm — this time with the man who she hired to shoot the videos.

“On this project, I decided to work with a self-professed born-again Christian, Bochabela Motokoa,” says Keke.

“I asked him to shoot videos for songs from my two albums — Lerato, a six-track album, and the 10-track Shibebula.”

She says, halfway through the project, Motokoa is singing a different tune.

“He is refusing to sign a contract or proceed with the shooting until we give him M2 000 deposit.”

A visibly angry ‘Mathabo Mohlomi — Keke’s mother says they struck a verbal agreement that Motokoa would be paid M4 000 in two instalments for the production of the DVD.

“I told Motokoa he would get the first M2 000 after handing over the complete work and the second and last payment would come after determining the quality of his DVD.

“He didn’t have a problem until now, yet he started working on the DVD in January,” ‘Mathabo said.

’Mathabo told Xpress People that problems began when Motokoa was supposed to record Keketso’s participation in St. Catherine’s High School beauty pageant in March.

“He referred us to a certain ‘Mokose, saying he was busy that Saturday,” ‘Mathabo says.

“Mokose asked us to pay M200 for shooting the clip. I decided to pay the money but told Motokoa that the money would be deducted from his final payment because I was now paying a third party yet he was contracted to produce the DVD.”

She said there was a squabble in understanding how the additional M200 came about.

“When I tried to obtain the clips from ‘Mokose, he said I had to pay an extra M50. This is how the fight between Motokoa and I began.

“I could see he was not being entirely honest so I decided to meet him and formalise our agreement but he turned around to say he was not signing any papers until we give him M2 000 deposit, or he would destroy all the recorded material,” ‘Mathabo said.

‘Mathabo said the fight was not about making the payment, but rather signing a formal contract first.

“I mean I am not fighting — all I want is for us to sign a contract that would protect my daughter’s music and get the DVD so we can start selling,” ‘Mathabo said.

Bochabela confirmed he refused to proceed with the DVD production until he had been paid a deposit.

“We were supposed to meet with Keketso’s mother on Tuesday. To my surprise I received a call from Mabote Police over the squabble between me and the Mohlomis.

“All I want is for them to pay my deposit then we sign a contract and I will continue with the DVD shooting,” he said.

He denied ordering the third party to shoot a video clip on his behalf.

“’M’e ‘Mathabo seems to be confused. She refused to use the person I had referred her to because she had to pay M200. The clip was never shot,” Bochabela said.

Motokoa denied allegations he was taking advantage of Keketso’s work.

“I can never cheat Keke. In fact the M4 000 charge was negotiated by Keke when her mother and I couldn’t reach an agreement.

“I told ‘Mathabo that I would charge her M11 000 for shooting the DVD but Keke talked to me until I agreed to do the job for M4 000,” he said.

Keketso started her music career in 2004 when she was 10 years old. She has produced two albums to date — Lerato and Shibebula.

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