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Kau lights up comedy show


Mohalenyane Phakela

THE Friday night comedy show headlined by renowned South African comedian, David Kau, was arguably the biggest the country has ever seen as it also attracted the Prime Minister, Thomas Thabane and his coalition partner, Chief Thesele Maseribane and their wives.

Patrons left the Victory Hall in Moshoeshoe II with sore ribs from laughing so hard at the jokes Kau and fellow South African, Tieho Khakhau, cracked.

The duo was supported by local comedians, Monare Mokotatsie and Bootz Washington.

They cracked jokes in Sesotho and English with the latter language being used more to accommodate those who did not understand Sesotho.

The jokes revolved around the politics of Lesotho and South Africa, making fun of prominent figures. They also touched on ordinary issues relating to everyday life.

Opening the stage was Monare whose jokes were more on the funny things people do for sex.

Bootz imitated news anchors. Pretending to present news about the current political landscape, he would also pretend to be either Dr Thabane, former premier, Pakalitha Mosisili or former deputy Prime Minister, Mothetjoa Metsing. His ability to imitate their voices and gestures was his killer punch.

The organiser, Bofihla ‘Lilaphalapha’ ‘Neko said the local comedians were included to boost their CVs by sharing the stage with established acts.

Neko was the master of ceremonies and he also cracked his own jokes.

Tieho, who has already been in the country this year, did not disappoint.

He said he was dressed to kill because he was no longer just an ordinary person but a prominent figure. His style of incorporating songs into his jokes proved to be a winner.

The songs included American, Sam Smith’s I’m not the only one as well as Canadian, Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself which he said was the rendition of ZCC’s Jesu oa Rona which Bieber ‘stole’ after visiting South Africa.

The man of the moment, David Kau, took to the stage at 9.30pm rocking his trademark hat and customised All Star shoes that had his image and name painted on them. Before he started he made it very clear that as comedians they could joke about anyone and it should not be an offensive thing.

Throughout his 19 years of comedy, he has always been known for his ability to imitate the late South African iconic president Nelson Mandela. His first topic was the last days of Mandela and how everybody thought he was dying every time he (Mandela) was admitted in hospital. Imitating Mandela’s voice, David Kau said the late president would just say “No it was just a routine check-up”.

Most of his jokes were about the political landscape of his home country and Lesotho as well as his personal experiences.

He said he had three weddings with his wife to ensure that he is “un-divorceable”. He said he loved Jewish weddings because their gifts are often in monetary terms while blacks like giving household utensils to a point that he found himself with seven electronic irons.

He asked whether Dr Thabane had never been angry with South Africa to the point where he considered blocking off the “hosepipe” that transported water from Lesotho to South Africa with his shoe. The joke had the audience in stitches.

David performed for almost two hours and besides a very responsive audience, a cash injection of M10 000 by the Thabane and Maseribane families must have motivated him to keep going.

Kau promised that he and Tieho would return to Lesotho on 1 December this year.

The event was sponsored by Metropolitan Lesotho and Independent Electoral Commission. The comedians also used jokes to promote their sponsors.


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