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Juvy puts neck on the line for new track

Mohalenyane Phakela

RAPPER Juvy oa Lepimpara says he will quit music if his recently released track Faki’Mali does not become one of the biggest tracks ever produced in the country.

Since its release on Thursday Faki’Mali which features singer, Susan, on vocals has received significant airplay on Bokamoso, Mxxl, Moafrika FM, Ultimate FM and PC FM. It has also received thumbs up on social media where the artiste has shared it.

The rapper to the Express People that the single is his way of proving that his previous hit Skipa se Ntekane was no fluke.

Skipa se Ntekane featuring fellow rapper Jiji F was released in 2015 and became an instant hit. Local music video producers stumbled upon each other with pledges to shoot his video in 2016 saying it was the biggest track in the country at the time.

The track went on to attract attention on foreign markets with producers of South African Etv’s prime time soapie, Rhythm City, making it their sound track in October last year for an entire week.

He went on to grace big stages such as the Vodacom Summa Feva in 2016 and the Lesotho Tourism Festival in 2017. It has become his signature track and fans never allow him to leave the stage without performing it while he has also been monikered ‘Mr Skipa’.

After the success of Skipa se Ntekane, Juvy has released tracks like Nthoe Rekang, Champions, Se ke Ile and Sbongile among others but none has matched the success garnered by the former.

Critics have even declared that he will never release a more successful track.

The Mazenod-born star said he will gladly give up his music career if Faki’Mali fails to grow to be one of the biggest hits in the country especially in this year’s festive season.

“I believe in the song to a point where I am willing to place all bets on it that it will become one of the biggest in the country,” Juvy said adding, “If it does not, then I am giving up on music.”

“I released it ahead of spring because I believe in it and I am confident that it will be a club anthem this festive season. I have worked with the same production team only adding Kideon as the new member.

“I am also shooting its video next week which I believe will be the most expensive video to ever be produced in the country. The plan is to go as hard as possible to ensure that it reaches a wide market.”

Asked why he is confident that the track will do well when others released after Skipa se Ntekane never got the shine, he said the tracks in question “were not vibe songs”.

“The tracks that I released after Skipa se Ntekane were chilled songs mostly intended to pass a message. Faki’Mali has similar elements with Skipa se Ntekane which are all about giving people a bumpy vibe.

“I cannot weigh it against Skipa se Ntekane because it will be difficult to gather statistics but I am confident it will be one of the biggest in Lesotho,” Juvy said.

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