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Juvinille releases new album

Lerato Matheka

MASERU — Local musician, Motebang Nkoko, popularly known as Juvinille, has released a new album titled My Blood and Tears. The 16-track album hit the market during the first week of December and it is receiving massive air play on local radio stations. Juvinille, 20, nearly quit music in 2011 but turned around last year and declared that music was his passion. He began his musical career at 16 as an emcee making music with a harmonica. He became popular with his mixtape, Vele.
Juvinille told XpressPeople that the album is a celebration of his life and maturity.

“After releasing my mixtape and producing a number of singles along with other local emcees, I realised I was ready to release an album,” he said. “I wanted to quit because my music wasn’t making any profit and it was financially frustrating but my passion for music compelled me to release the album.” The album features hit singles such as Tsamaea, Tlou, Hata-saka-tsoaka and Going Home. Both the album and the mixtape were produced in Botswana. The album features vocalists from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Botswana and Lesotho. “I worked with Michaele from Kenya, Taf and Tdot from Zimbabwe, WMP from Botswana and Ntate Fatere on the official remix of Lesale la ponto,” he said.
“I worked with talented people and I am very confident to say my album is the hottest product to have been released in the Mountain Kingdom (last year),” he said. He said tracks Tsamaea and Hata-saka-tsoaka are also receiving airplay in Botswana. “With the making and development of the album, I have seen the greatness of God because I have managed to shoot three music videos for Tsamaea, Going home, Hata-saka-tsoaka, which are already receiving airplay on Lesotho Television.” He said he is planning to launch the album in Roma next month. “My music career began in Roma while I was still in high school and that’s where I will be launching next month before going back to Botswana.”

The musician said he is still to decide how he will expand the distribution horizons but looks to have the album selling in all the countries featured. “The album holds the key to my survival on the African music market so I will be looking at ways to take it beyond the borders because it is already performing well in Botswana,” he said.

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