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Justice Ramodibedi suspended

Staff Reporter


MASERU — Court of Appeal President Justice Michael Ramodibedi has been suspended, the Sunday Express can reveal.

The Sunday Express can reveal that Justice Ramodibedi was informed of his suspension on Wednesday (September 25).

His suspension comes despite his efforts to get an interim order in the Constitutional Court to delay the impeachment proceedings against him.

This paper is reliably informed that the decision to suspend the judge will be announced in the next edition of the government gazette. The gazette is expected to come out on Friday this week.

During his suspension Justice Ramodibedi will enjoy full benefits like official cars.

The decision means that the judge will not be part of the Court of Appeal bench that is expected to start hearing cases tomorrow.

Because Justice Ramodibedi is paid allowances for work done, this means he won’t be getting any payment from government until the impeachment proceedings are completed.

Justice Ramodibedi, who is also the Chief Justice of Swaziland, is accused of fraud, perjury and bringing the judiciary into disrepute.

The government has not announced when the tribunal set up to investigate him will start hearing evidence.

Meanwhile the office of the Registrar of the High Court and Court of Appeal has announced that people’s fears should be allayed because cases already on the roll of the session will continue.  The Court of Appeal will sit on October 1.

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