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JusT Feella designers grow out of T-shirts

’Mathapelo Letsepe

MASERU — JusT Feella, a clothing label owned by the Yn’F Dance Group duo of Lynor Mahase and Thabo Leteka, will be officially launched on December 5 at Victoria Hotel in Maseru.
Introduced to the market in November last year as a T-shirt brand, JusT Feella has now diversified to include scarves, caps and waist-coats.
According to Mahase, 23, the market response has been very encouraging hence the decision to expand their horizons.
“When we started in November last year, we only had 100 T-shirts and they were sold out within a short space of time,” he told Xpress People.
“We didn’t start as trial and error but the fact is we were not yet mature, and we believe we are now.
“And we have since realised there is demand for the brands we will be offering.”
Mahase said one reason they decided to embark on this ambitious project was to encourage and inspire fellow Basotho youths.
“We are aware many young people engage in destructive behaviour, not projects that benefit them,” he said.
“And with this label we also wanted to be innovative and come up with something different.”
He said his partner, Leteka, 21, inspired the brand.
Their major concern, explained Leteka, was to expand their business and popularise the label.
“We are not afraid of the competition because our label is different from any other brand on the market,” Leteka said.
“In addition to being very colourful, the material is also of very high quality.”
He said next month’s launch will have 12 models showcasing JusT Feella products.
“There will be three male and three female models from Lesotho, two male and three female models from Cape Town and one male model from Johannesburg,” Leteka said.
“They will be wearing our different brands just to show people how JusT Feella looks like.”
“There will also be a raffle at the show where people will have a chance to win merchandise,” he added.
Meanwhile, Mahase said they had launched another project — Homerun — that catered for Maseru’s homeless children.
“We are using part of the proceeds from our business to run a project called Homerun,” he said.
“We buy food, blankets and clothing (for Maseru street kids).
“We love being around young people.
“We would want to reach out to the needy.
“We hope the brand generates more money, so that we take our homeless brothers and sisters to school.”

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