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Jazz, poetry show captivating

Mohalenyane Phakela

Local poet, Mpho Sefali, was the darling of the crowd during the sizzling jazz and poetry show held at Lehakoe Club on Friday night.
Her poem, This Poetry In I, particularly had the crowd screaming for more as her raw emotions and stage-presence resonated with the lively audience.

Also gracing the stage was RnB sensation Majisto and afro-pop singer ‘Malekapore, who both gave outstanding performances, which also had the crowd up on their feet.

According to Sefali, the poem is an expression of her life as a poet and what poetry is all about.
“The poem expresses the inner feelings within me. Poetry is not a foreign art but lives in Basotho and needs to be heard by the rest of the world.
“Once upon a time I was selected, appointed, anointed and set aside to preach this word,” she said

Sefali’s performance was accompanied by soothing music played by the four-piece jazz group, Kolu Band.
The environment, which was quite laid back, had the audience sitting on tables as they enjoyed their drinks, while Kolu crooned in the background with some smooth afro-jazz. It was a marvel to witness that jazz and poetry can be fused to give a scintillating and entertaining performance deserving a standing ovation — which it duly received from the appreciative audience.
While the venue was not fully packed, the show was well-attended.

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