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. . . Investigation politically motivated says Moleleki

The Democratic Congress (DC) deputy leader is under investigation for suspected corruption and money laundering.

Police suspect that he could have siphoned state funds when he was a minister. Last week the police seized documents during a court sanctioned search at his house, office and an orphanage he controls in Machache. Weeks before the raid the officers from the police’s fraud section had managed to get four accounts of the orphanage frozen on suspicion that he had used them to launder government funds.

But even as the police continue to pursue him, Moleleki remains adamant that nothing will come out of the investigation. “They can’t pin anything on me,” he said. “They are trying to dig, so they should dig all they can. They are playing because they can’t find anything on me”.

“I find the government’s decision laughable and a joke because they have nothing on me. No matter how deep they try to dig, they simply can’t hope to find something to pin on me”.

He described the investigation as politically motivated.

It is absurd that senior government officials are wasting time trying to prove unfounded allegations, he said. “It’s a joke, it is laughable”. “Government has all the necessary tools to govern and steer this country forward. But instead, they are focusing on petty issues,” Moleleki said.

“It’s quite funny to see a senior government official spending time creating stories and trying to prove that I stole diamonds,” he said. He added that the government was wasting precious time focusing on petty issues instead of governing. “Government should stop indulging in this clear and blatant political witch-hunt and start governing because they are not going to get anything”.

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