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Interim constituency refutes claims against Rantšo

Billy Ntaote


Maseru — Mokotjomela Rantšo, the All Basotho Convention (ABC) interim constituency secretary for the Bela-Bela constituency says allegations made against ABC MP Litšoane Litšoane by senior party officials were “unfounded”.

Rantšo said former constituency chairman Mojakisane Lisene and former constituency secretary ‘Malintle Kheleli’s decision to defect to the main opposition Democratic Congress (DC) was fuelled by “their personal interests to be in positions of power” and not Litšoane’s alleged jealousy.

Rants’o dismissed Lisene’s claims saying that he was irked by “failure to make it o into the interim committee” elected on May 4.

Rantšo claimed that Lisene and Kheleli had a misunderstanding about the office of the constituency MP, which he alleged they left after failing to have control over it.

“They wanted to be the ones who controlled the MP’s office and they thought that being constituency secretary actually implies one is automatically the MP’s constituency secretary which was not the case,” Rantšo said.

Rantšo agreed Lisene was elected the constituency’s chairman in absentia which was already contrary to the ABC’s constitution adding that the last blow to the Lisene committee was when Kheleli lost a report of the elections upon being elected last August.

“She failed to deliver the constituency elections report to the party’s national executive committee for approval hence their committee election was never approved,” he alleged.

“How could Ntate Litšoane fight someone who he had won against at the primaries? Again he was appointed a minister and never got time to be involved in constituency affairs as they claim,” he said.

Rantšo said the purported Lisene committee was never functional and that he as the community councillor was “even more active in the committee than the substantial office bearers in the committee”.

Rantšo further claimed the infighting that Lisene and Kheleli said they were fleeing from the party did not exist but what was prevalent was “the duo’s fight to be installed as the constituency leaders” amid failing to be elected into the interim in May this year.

Meanwhile the Malimong constituency MP for the ABC, Leshoboro Mohlajoa, who played an intermediary role between the warring factions, told this paper yesterday that when he learnt that an estimated 330 people were about to defect to the DC in the constituency he went to hear why his party cadres would join the DC.

“I went there on Wednesday and Thursday and worked hard to convince our party members that they can resolve their infighting and not defect to the DC. And a sizeable number that could have defected to the DC ended staying behind,” he said.

Mohlajoa said he has since learned Lisene got angry and decided to jump ship and join the DC out of spite after failing to make it to the interim committee which he said was supposed to prepare for a fresh election in the constituency.

“I did learn that he (Lisene) and Litšoane as the MP were wrangling in a bitter battle for control of the constituency and did not see eye to eye,” Mohlajoa said.

“I even met with Lisene and he relayed the story that I’m telling you and he decided to defect to the DC although at the time the national executive committee had not even made a decision,” said Mohlajoa.

Mohlajoa said on Friday he was accompanied by the Teya-Teyaneng MP Maliehe Maliehe, Nyebe Tsibela who’s the Mankhoroana MP, Tsoeu Molise of Tsoana Makhulo, Qoaling MP Chalane Phori, Lithoteng MP Majoro Mohapi, Matela Khojane of Berea and Mankoe Maime to visit the warring factions.

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